I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


3. Adopted?!

Liam P.O.V

I can hear the boys' footsteps when they came downstairs, and I feel nervous.

We never have a meeting like this; actually, we have but with Paul and Simon Cowell. 

"Where are you?!" Harry asks/shouts.

We sure have a big mansion. 


"We, Niall and I, were in the Living room!" I shout back.

The boys enter the living room.

"What up?" Louis asks.

The boys took sofas, and Niall took a couch too.

"Alright, I-" I say nervously.

Zayn cut me off because he looks confused. "Why are you nervous? It's alright." Zayn asks.

"Okay... I'm going to tell you that I want to be a father and want to get - Don't freak out!" I explain as I blab and order them.

"Alright!" The boys say in unions.

I sigh sadly.

"Expect for you, Harry!" I say.

We just look at Harry.

"Me? Seriously... I'm okay with your idea." He says. 

I cross my arms, and my eyebrow raises up.

"Really?" I ask.

"Trust me, Liam, I will be all right." He nods.

I sigh sadly. 

"Fine! Don't freak out! Okay?" I order.

"Yep, we won't. We're all ear." Zayn says.

"I want to to adopted and get a daughter..."I say nervously.

Louis claps his hand, and he interrupts my talking.

"Well done, Liam!" Louis says.

Harry looks confused.

"W-What? Louis! Liam hasn't finished his talking." He says.

"Thank you, Harry!" I say as I look at him.

I turn back to see Louis and give him a shot glare.

"So, all I'm saying that..." I pause.

I sigh sadly, and I close my eyes.

"... to get deaf daughter age-" I continue. 

Zayn and Louis were jumped.

"WHAT?!" They say in unions.

Harry says nothing, and he looks shocked.

I open my eyes.

"Thank you for being freak out, guys," I say.

We were in an argument like the parents can do.

"Hey. Hey!" Harry raise his voice.

He looks at us, and he stands up as we ignore him.

"HEY!" He shouts.

We stop the argument, and we look at Harry.

"If that's what he want, then we should respect him and his future deaf daughter!" He explains.

We all sat down on the sofas.

"Okay, then. Um... Liam, do you mind?" Harry asks.

I give him a friendly smile.

"No. Not at all." I say.

He nods.

"Guys, I think Liam's right," Harry says.

Louis chuckles, and after a while, he stops chuckles because of us,  Harry, Niall and I, looks serious.

"No! I won't let him have deaf dau..." He pauses.

 Harry turns around to see Louis, and he looks angry. 

"But! He hasn't finished what her age is!" Harry says.

He turns around to see Zayn and then back at Louis.

"You two, can you stop to interrupted him when he's speaking." Harry continues.

"Harry, you are our mum now." Niall jokes.

Harry already blushes.

"Hey! Shut up!" He says.

We were laughing together.

"Right. Liam..." Harry says.

"Hmm..." I say as I reflect on hearing his voice. 

Harry use his hand to wave.

"Continues." He carries on.

I stand up.

"Right, then. Harry's right, man! You all need to respect my future deaf daughter and me, but I-I understand that it isn't a good idea." I say.

Niall and Harry stood up.

"Actually..." They say in unison. 

"You guys know I want to get a deaf sister, so... It was a good idea..." Niall explains first.

"I agree with Niall, I actually to meet a deaf person and we become friends. Guys, what are you saying?" Harry explains second, and then he looks at Zayn and Louis.

Louis says nothing and Zayn sigh sadly. 

"Okay, Harry, Niall. And... Harry, can you teach me how to sign language?" He says and asks.

Harry looks shocked by Zayn asks him for it.

"Wait! Is it yes?" He asks.

Zayn nods.

"Well? I ask you the same question." He asks.

Harry looks at Zayn with his question face.

"Yes?" He says.

"Then, yes," Zayn says with his smile face. 

"Louis?" Harry calls.

"Yeah, Harry? Oh, no, no, no." Louis says. 

We all came close to Louis, expect for me.

"Come on..." They say in unison.

"The answer is still no for me!" Louis says.

They all tickled on his neck and stomach too.

He was laughing.

"S-Stop! Y-You g-guys!" Louis screams while he laughs at the same time.

I can't help but stand here and chuckles at the same time. 

"Louis... We want you saying yes. If you were talking about yes then we stop, but if you say no, then we are going tickling your body. Louis! Say yes!" Zayn explains.

They were about to tickled his body while Louis says nothing but he nods quickly.

"Yes! Alright, fine! Yes! The answer is yes! And you, Harry, can you teach us how to sign?" He replies quickly/asks.

"And me too!" Niall says.

"Ocourse, I am," Harry says excitingly.

"Okay, then. I guess I have to tell Paul what we have a plan." I explain. 

Here is it.

"Paul!" I call Paul's name.


Hollie P.O.V

We went to shopping. 

I saw a beautiful necklace, which was a heart with a diamond, the young women, the owner, talks to me and I still don't understand what she was saying.

"I'm deaf." I sign with my voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" The woman says slowly.

"It's okay, people thought I look healthy, but I'm not." I sign with my voice.

"Oh, okay. How can I help you?" The woman says slowly.

"Oh... No, thanks." I say as I carefully read her lip.

"Come on! I saw you that you see a beautiful necklace... Just like you." She says slowly. 

"No, I just looked around." I sign with my voice.

The women sigh sadly and look away from my face to look down on the ground.

"This is why people didn't let me help them and look at these." She says sadly.

The women start to walk away from where I here.

I wish I could help her.

Then I look back at that necklace that I saw and an idea pop up in my mind.

"Actually... Could you help me and explain to me about this?" I sign with my voice.

I stop her because I was say something to her and I use my finger to point at that same necklace as she turns around to see me.

"Of course." The woman says as she smiles nicely.

She starts to explain to me everything about the necklace and the people heard what she'd tell me.

She picks it up, and then I realise she wants me to wear it. 

"No." I shake my head, and I smile nervously.

"Yes! It may fit you, and you will look so beautiful." The woman explains softly.

"Alright, put it on." I sign with my voice.

The people look at these necklaces on the table, and then they look at me with the necklace.

"Turn around." The woman orders.

I turn around as she orders to me and the women put the necklace around on my neck.

Did the people look at us?

I look at them, and I smile at it. 


I did it! 

The woman taps on my shoulder, and my face turns to see her lip.

"Turn around." She orders again.

My body turns around.

The woman looks shocked, and I was so confused.

"It looks beautiful! Just like you!" She says.

She has the tears in her eyes and then a lot of people claps. 

The people came to buy these necklaces and these kinds of stuff on the table.

"Oh, wow! How could you do it?" The woman says and asks as she looks at these people. 

"I'm glad I could help." I sign with my voice.

"Thank you, um..." The woman says as she needs to know my name.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Hollie." I sign with my voice.

"I'm S-t-a-c-y, Stacy." The woman signs slowly.

"Um... Oh, I might take it off." I sign with my voice.

I was about to take this necklace off, but Stacy grips my hand to take it off.

"Keep it." She says.

"No!" I shake my head.

"It's fine!" She says.

"Are you sure?" I sign with my serious voice. 

"Yes. I'm sure." She says.

I smile sweetly.

"Thank you!" I sign without my voice.

"No, it was nothing. Now, go!" She says and orders.



When we, Emily, Ellie and I, got home with our shopping bags, I got a feeling that someone follows us!

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