A-Z Reasons I'll Remember You Forever

A year has past since I met you. A year has past since I fell in love with you. Since New Year's is a time when we think about what we had done the past year, let me explain why I've done some things and what I'll miss about you. I'll remember you forever because I love you...


27. Z

is for Zero 

Sister Nena always asked after our weekly vocabulary test, "How many wrong?" 

Trey always looked like he was about to cry when he didn't get zero wrong. 

(He studies too much... He memorize the dictionary!) 

But I never study. And I think you don't study, too. 

Amazingly, though, we always get hundreds. We never get anything wrong.. I try to tell Trey every day that memorizing the dictionary won't work... But he never learns... 

Every time Sister Nena asked, "How many wrong?"

You and I both answered, "Zero."   

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