A-Z Reasons I'll Remember You Forever

A year has past since I met you. A year has past since I fell in love with you. Since New Year's is a time when we think about what we had done the past year, let me explain why I've done some things and what I'll miss about you. I'll remember you forever because I love you...


28. Last Letter

Hey Greg, 

I know we only met a year ago. But I fell in love with you in the first sight. 

You are so cute, smart, nice, and athletic. 

I know that you never really liked me. I think you even thought that I was annoying. 

It broke my heart every day when you gave clues that you liked Martina. (What is so special about her? I can treat you better, Greg... :'( I can make you happier...) 

Now, I'm leaving you. I'm moving away. I think you may be happy, but I'll never forget that last wave you gave me. 

New Year's Day is a time when we think about the past year. 

So I wrote this for you... Even though I didn't write it in one day.... 

Remember I love you forever... <3 



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