Fake Girlfriend

(Same story as before but it's just changed a bit) Cassidy Hanson a simple girl with a simple dream she really wanted to live. All she had to do was sign a piece of paper that allowed her to live that dream she wanted after 6 months of fake dating Harry Edward Styles. She thought it was going to be easy. But she was wrong. He fell for her and she fell for him. But things always go wrong after all they are 'fake' dating. ** Will he change for her? Will they be together for 'real'?


2. Him


Cassidy's P.O.V

I signed and pushed myself up from the car I was sitting in. Simon got up as well and handed me an envelope. I took it and left his office with Daniel. I signed as the eleavator closed. 

"Aw, cheer up!" Daniel said. I rolled my eyes at him. 

"So easy for you to say, you don't have to date a guy you never met!" I said. He chuckled. 

"I'm sure you'll be alright," he said. 

I just nodded. We came to the first floor and we left 'records'. We climbed into Daniel's car and left. It was silent. "So where will I be staying?" I asked still looking out the window. 

"Well, you will be staying with Harry," He said. I nodded. After 20 minutes we pulled up to a house. Daniel put his window down and press some numbers. Suddely the Black Iron gates opened and Daniel drove through. 

The house was two or three stories. I couldn't really tell. I climbed out and grabbed my bags with the help of Daniel. He lead me towards the front. He unlocked the house with a key. 

"Harry's not home," He told me. I nodded. He lead me into the house. It was amazing, very clean and awesome. Least it was one good thing having to live in a great good-looking house. "Now your room is up here," he told me and lead me up the flight of stairs. Yep, two stories. The house was very big even the upstairs part. He took me into the third room on the left. It was beautiful and big. It had a bed in the corner against the wall. A closet and a barthroom. 

Daniel put the bags down and i did as well. He looked around. "Well i'll let you unpack," he told me. "Just ring me for any problems and I'll see you in a couple of days," he said he left the room. I sat on the bed and looked around. I pulled myself up and unpacked my things. I put the suitcases and bags under the bed. Suddenly I heard a car pull up. It was a range rover, black. The car turned off and a boy with curly hair hoped out. Harry. 

He had his phone to his ear and walked up the driveway. I signed and just as I walked out. I crashed into him. Great. I fell backwards onto the floor. Ouch, it hurt. I looked up to Harry, smirking. 

"Nice fall, babe" he said. He held out a hand. I rolled my eyes but took his hand. "You must be, Cassidy? My girlfriend?" he asked. 

"Fake girlfriend and yes I am!" I said. He still had his smirk. 

Harry's P.O.V

I looked at her with a smirk across my face. She was pretty with light brown hair and blue eyes. And her body was alright, pretty skinny.

"Well cassidy, let's be clear," I said as I backed her up against the wall. I smirked and put my hands up against her head. 'I'll stay out of you way if you stay out of mine?" I asked. "So what will it be pretty?" I asked her. 

"I-i-i'll Stay out o-of your w-way.." she stuttered. Ha. I smirked and left her standing there. I walked into my room. 

Cassidy's P.O.V

I didn't know what to do as he backed me up against the wall. He smirked and he put both hands beside my head. He was taller than I was and it wasn't good. 

"I'll stay out of your way if you stay out of mine?" he asked me. I didn't say or do anything. "So what will it be pretty?" he asked in a huskily voice. 

"I-i-i'll Stay out o-of your w-way.." I stuttered. Shit. Arrr! He smirked and just left. What the hell? Argh he disappered into a room while I slid down the wall. What just happened? I asked myself. 

After a short few minutes. I climbed up and walked back into my room. I closed the door and sat on my bed.

Well just as I thought, he's a bigger dick in person! This is not going to end well.........


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