Let me help you out ~ A Zouis story

Louis Tomlinson is just a normale student.. At least that would you think.
If you look closer to him you see his pain.
The shame he has of being gay.
The bullies and his homesituation don't help at all.
And the worst thing of all? He falls in love with his teacher.

Zayn Malik is a art teacher. Who cares a lot about his students.
He has a lovely boyfriend , who happends to be the Englisch teacher.
He loves him a lot, but he falls accidentally in love with one of his students.


2. characters

Name : Louis William Tomlinson 

Nicknames: Lou, Furby, Boo, Boobear, Loubear. 

Age: 16

Family: He lives with his dad, Brother (Edward) and the Girlfriend from his dad in one house 

Extra points: His mum is dead, and his dad is not the dad he looks like. 

Job : None. 

Relation: single

Name: Edward Daniel Tomlinson 

Nicknames : Ed, Eddie 

Age: 19 

Family :  He lives with his dad, Brother (Louis) and the Girlfriend from his dad in one house 

Extra points: He is a student in a university, he still lives by his dad. 

Job; part time job at a little cafe. 

Relation: Single. 

Name : Perrie Louise Edwards

Nicknames: Perr, Perrz 

Age: 27

Family: She has 1 little brother (Jake) 

Extra points. : She does loves the father of the Tomlinson Brothers, but she can't stand it the things he does sometimes

Job : Dancer

Relation : One and a half year with the dad of Louis and Edward. 

Name: Zayn Jawaad Malik

Nicknames: Z. , Sweetcakes, Babe, 

Age; 22

Family: He has 2 sisters, but he does not see them much

Extra points he loves to draw, and he is the Mentor of class 4E

Job: Art teacher 

Relation : 4 years with Harry Styles. 

Name: Harry Edward Styles

Nicknames: Hazz, Hazzabear, Sweetcakes, sweety 

age: 20

family : He has one sister and his parents aren't together anymore

Extra points: He love to cook, is a star in Math and loves animales 

Job: Englisch teacher 

Relation: 4 years with Zayn Malik 

Name: Layla Denise Horan 

Nicknames: Lay, L.D. , Lays 

age: 16

family : She lives at home with her mom. She has 2 big brothers (Niall and Greg ) 

Extra points: Her parents gor Devorce and she did go with her mom. While her 2 brothers stayed with her dad.  

Job: None

Relation: Single 

Name: Larisse Luna Adems

Nicknames: Lar, Lariss, Liss, Lizzy, Flower, Moon 

age: 17

family : She has no brothers or sisters. She lives with her dad in a little apartment 

Extra points: she knows Liam in like forever. They grew up together and Liam is like a little brother for her

Job: Part time job at the Cinema 

Relation: Happy Single 

Name: Liam James Payne

Nicknames: James, J.L, Li, Little Panda,  

age: 16

family : He has 2 sisters and a Brother , and he lives with them with his parents in a big ass house

Extra points: He knows Larrise in like forever. He loves to play the guitar and he sings a lot

Job: Part time job at a supermarket 

Relation: Single, but he has this huge crush on Danielle. 

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