Let me help you out ~ A Zouis story

Louis Tomlinson is just a normale student.. At least that would you think.
If you look closer to him you see his pain.
The shame he has of being gay.
The bullies and his homesituation don't help at all.
And the worst thing of all? He falls in love with his teacher.

Zayn Malik is a art teacher. Who cares a lot about his students.
He has a lovely boyfriend , who happends to be the Englisch teacher.
He loves him a lot, but he falls accidentally in love with one of his students.


1. prologue

Note : Hold in mind that i'm a Dutch girl, if my Englisch isn't right, than say it. Oh and don't judge it to much. 


"I's sorry Louis, i can just not do this, it's not fair against Harry." "But" "Louis , no but's, it was so wrong from me to kiss you, i'm sorry for giving you flase hope" I was just standing there, five months ago. Totaly overwhelmed by my new teacher for art. Why did i have to fall in love with my teacher? 


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