Fight for life

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are enemies right? Well what happens when Harry falls for his sister and what will happen to Draco who is planning on killing Harry.
Will harry get his dream girl? Or will this bout end in tears?


6. 6.Shannon~ The start of the ball

It was the night of the ball... I was wearing a baby blue puffy boob-tube an Harry was HOT! He was wearing a black suit with a black tie... I'm glad he asked me but this morning he asked me how to dance! So for the morning we asked permission, from Dumbledoor, to have the great hall and practise whilst there I helped and we practised and now well all I can say is Were pretty Amazing!!

As me and Hermine walked to the staircase a big group of lads wolf whistled at us both but we carried on. As we came to the top, (I knew I was right Ron did ask Hermine) Ron and Harry turned around and faced us they were both smiled like dorks at our amazing dress, my muggle sister Sophie sent me my dress where as Hermine's mum sent her the stunning pink flowing dress.

As my hands met with Harry's he pecked me on my cheek and then we walked through into the amazingly decorated great hall. We walked past a lot of people including Draco and Goyle who seemed to be angry, annoyed an upset at the same time! Haha get in they are jealous I smiled to myself at the thought.

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