Society Killed Me

Some on this movella is based on whats happening to me , i am experiencing bullies, society is slowly killing me. Judging, Name Calling, and many more. You know this feeling that you just wanna die.. well that's how i feel everyday, every second . Every Damn time... I just wrote this movella not to seek help for my problems but to avoid every single one of you to feel like the way i feel all the time. So you bullies out there, stop fucking picking on people that is weaker than you , but when all of those people stood up for you . It's you lose


2. Sad Little Girl

Like i said i went to, Mrs. Pepper's house and visited her, since it's Christmas break already. I decided that i will bring a bunch of tea bags along, i went outside the house , locked it and walked towards Rose Street, then i saw Grey , i waved at him. He waved back and walked towards me and asked me where i am going, then i replied " Oh.. i was just going at Mrs. Pepper's house, i just met her yesterday on my way home. She's kinda like me in a way." I tried to leave while talking to him but he kinda blocked my way towards Rose Street. I'm starting to feel a little nervous like this never happened to me. But luckily i found a way to distract him so that he won't see me leaving.


Then i saw a stray black kitten she was in the middle of the street and i saw a big truck coming on it's way. I dropped my bag filled with tea bags and ran towards the kitten , i grabbed the kitten and ran away from the road, she has big blue eyes, and i decided to adopt her. I called her " Midnight." Because her fur looks like it's night and her eyes looks like the moon. I carried her and continued walking. While carrying her i felt her body, it was so thin i guess she is very hungry right now. So i rushed and i got to the street and i found the house #13 and i walked to the porch step and knocked on the door. After a minute or so. Mrs. Pepper opened the door and smiled at me, i saw a cat beside her and asked her if she can feed Midnight. I told her that i just rescued Midnight .


And she brought me cat food and a bowl, so i started pouring cat food into the bowl and i released Midnight so that she can eat. While she was eating i offered Mrs. Pepper the tea bags that i brought, i recommended that we should drink the Herbal tea since it's healthy and it is recommended by doctors. I asked Mrs. Pepper's permission if i can roam in the house to look at some paintings, pictures and antiques . She accepted my permission, so i started roaming around. I saw a picture of Mrs. Pepper and his husband Mr. Francis. They were young, young as me and Grey . Then Mrs. Pepper told me a story," That picture was taken when me and Francis were on a date on a festival called," Summer Festival / Summer Kimono Festival as they say." me and Francis were wearing Kimonos." then i replied." You looked so happy together , what was your age when this picture was taken." She looked at me and said," That picture was taken when me and Francis was at the same age as you My dear."


She then hands me a tea and offered me a seat infront of her," Sweetie.. let me take a look at your wrists for a minute." I letted her to look at my wrists then she was shocked to see it." Sweetie.. you shouldn't cut yourselves , do you know that it is a sin to try and kill yourselves? God will punish you if you continue to do this.." I told her that i couldn't handle it anymore , it's not that they bullied me but.. being unwanted feels like your being stabbed in the back that nobody even likes you , your all alone .. seeing other people happy while your life is slowly fading.. It's not fair, why do i have to experience all of this. Did i even tried to kill someone.. I found a way to release all of my emotions and that's by cutting , but it didn't made it better it made it worst, now everybody says that," Kill yourself emo girl." and they say that i killed my Mom but i didn't my mom died in a car accident ..


Then i started to cry but i don't want Mrs. Pepper to feel bad so i just said that i should be heading home now or my dad will kill me. So she letted me go home , i grabbed Midnight and walk towards home , on the way home it started to rain, i'm very near at Grey's house. But i don't want to bother them, so i just kept on walking home, luckily before it started to rain my bad was water proof so i putted Midnight inside of my bag to avoid being wet. Now she is asleep at my bag without a think to worry about. I stopped for a minute and looked at the gray skies." but suddenly i tripped on a rock on the way." i fell down but luckily it didn't hurt me. I stood up and think about why did i even cutted myself. I guess i was just got carried away and tried to kill myself , will i ever be happy for even once in my life?  Will i?

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