Society Killed Me

Some on this movella is based on whats happening to me , i am experiencing bullies, society is slowly killing me. Judging, Name Calling, and many more. You know this feeling that you just wanna die.. well that's how i feel everyday, every second . Every Damn time... I just wrote this movella not to seek help for my problems but to avoid every single one of you to feel like the way i feel all the time. So you bullies out there, stop fucking picking on people that is weaker than you , but when all of those people stood up for you . It's you lose


1. The Story of my Life

Neliel = a girl with red hair , and grey eyes

Grey= a guy with black hair and green eyes



My name is Neliel, known as " Nel ". My life is like a living hell, i've always been bullied ever since i started to go to school, i'm basically a shy person, i'm always quiet. Some calls me " creepy " because i would just sit in my chair, and look out the window, and never say a word to anyone, i've always been scared to talk to anyone even my mom and dad , but there is this one special person i always talk to, his name is Sedgewick Grey, a british kid that turns out to be my best friend, but i call him Grey . Unlike me he, isn't experiencing bullies, but everytime someone would bully me he would just stood there and look at me, crying , seeking help, and ofcourse in pain. Someone would just punch me and laugh at me. I'm always questioning myself. " What did i do to deserve this?" Sometimes i would go home with scars , wounds and bleeding lips.


But no one did cared about me, they would just pretend to care and when they"re gone they"ll talk about me , they even call me "Loser" but if someone would ask me if i'm okay , i would just give them a smile and look down and continue on walking . I Don't want anyone to care about me, because if they did, i'll just get hurt all over again. Grey is kinda special to me, because he is the only person i had strength to talk to. But i knew from the start, that he wouldn't help me throughout my life, so i kinda have this wall , that wall is my promise for myself, that i would never seek the help of Grey. And i'll never break that wall. School just ended and i'm heading home when suddenly i kinda felt someone is following me, i basically ignored it and walked straight home , when suddenly i saw someone running and bumped into me, i fell. I sat on the cold hard ground crying." Why.... Why is everyone being mean to me." when suddenly someone throwed a bucket filled with water on me. I kept on crying , but they laughed at me . They were a group of students, same class as me . They were 7 when suddenly one of them felt sorry for what they did to me, then walk closer to me and lend me a hand.


I holded his hand and he stood me up, wipped my tears and whispered in my ear," Meet me at the Club House of Wolf street." I listened to him and went to the Club House, i sat at the stairs waiting for him. After 30 minutes. I saw him walking towards me," I'm sorry for what they did to you, here take this." He handed me a paper bag, something was inside it , i took it and said," I-i-i-i-it's okay they always picked on me." I said thank you and asked his permission that i can leave. He accepted my permission and i left without looking back. I arrived at home and i looked at the bag, it was filled with clothes , i guess he felt sorry that they got my clothes got wet and he is trying to apologize and tried to making me feel better by giving me something as a token of apology, but nothing will ever make me happy.


Even if i won millions, billions even trillions of dollars, i will never be satisfied because all of those will just go away in a matter of time, i dressed up to more comfortable clothes and ,i called Grey and asked him if i can go to his house,he agreed so i wasted no time and went to his house soon as possible , i told him about what happened to me earlier, and suddenly he asked," what does the guy that helped you look like?" then i replied," he basically has brown hair , green eyes and he was wearing a black t-shirt that was covered with a red varsity jacket , and he was wearing black pants." " God.." Grey looked shocked when i heard a voice , the voice was coming upstairs , then i saw someone going down the stairs , it was the guy tat helped me earlier , i am very shocked to see him, i didn't know that Grey has a brother.


" Oh it's you again, i'm still sorry for what they did to you." I looked at Grey and whispered into his ears," you didn't told me that he was your brother, and you didn't even told me you even have one !." Then the guy said ," bro, that's your girlfriend? by the way names Zayden." Grey shaked his head, i quickly grabbed my backpack and left the house , i don't want to bother them any longer . On my way home i saw an old lady sitting on a bench, crying . I sat beside her and asked her why is he crying, she answered me ," My husband used to love sitting beside me in this very bench, we would look at each other and watch young children playing across the streets." I wanted to give her something to lessen her sadness, so i looked at my bag i saw a rose, i grabbed it and gave it to the old lady and i told her ,"  i'm so sorry on what happened to your husband , but im sure, he'll be happy for you never forgot about him, here i gave you this rose as a symbol of love for the two of you, then before i left she grabbed my hand and asked me.


" Sweetie.. why do you looks so sad." i sat on the bench and told her that i've never been happy and nobody treats me like i am one of them they always treat me like i'm different that nobody really cares about me, even my parents they didn't even cared about me , they always like me to work so that i  can provide something for us to eat for everyday, and everyday at my school i've always been bullied and teasing me, but i've always pretended that nothing really happened to me and smile. She looked at me and holded my hand, "don't worry someday you'll find someone that loves you, like me i used to be like you always being bullied feeling hopeless and wanting to die and never worry a single thing about the world, until i met Francis he stood up for me and made me feel alive again." I smiled at her " Sweetie , if you like you can come at my place and have tea with me and have a little chat my house is by the Rose Street , house number 13 my name us Pepper, ill see you then sweetie." She left me but atleast i made her happy. I guess starting tomorrow i'll go to her house and talk to her then. Atleast something made me happy for once in my life.

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