The Ballad of the Traveller-On a Stormy Night (c)

First published in Estrade Volume 1 Issue 4 Date-12 December 2013.
For Limited time only.
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1. On a Stormy Night


A small, little fleece then a great, big cloud,

Within a few minutes, the sky was booming aloud!


A lonely traveller had to put aside his course,

For the thunder clouds were coming down upon the place with full force.


The path grew slippery and the scene turned wet and glum,

The explorer knew he had to take asylum.


He needed no gold, no luxury, no wine, no fancy bed,

As he eyed helplessly at the humble, crumbling shed.


With the shack’s generous farmer, he found food and shelter-

While the others ran in the rain helter-skelter.


The wanderer, with relief, wiped his face’s cold sweat,

He could spend the night in the shanty without regret.


The skies roared, but he was protected by the cabin’s walls,

‘I’m safe,’ he thought to himself but his assumption was proven false.


The lightning bellowed shrilly, almost sending shivers,

While the rains poured torrentially like they, at once, could fill up a thousand rivers.


The windows fluttered, the door creaked,

The ground turned damp and the old bed tweaked.


A mighty branch fell forcefully on the weak roof,

And thus the small hut came tumbling down upon them with a poof!


The wayfarer felt the cold splash on his face,

And he and the farmer tried to move out or at least make space.


He attempted to shift the hut’s roof away, he had to try-

And when he couldn’t, all he could do was give a smile-wry.


The water turned cold and the wooden rooftop served as a blanket,

As the voyager contemplated amidst the nature’s racket.


The trapped men tried to wriggle themselves free,

But in vain- the violent tempest forced them under the debris.


“When will the light come? Will it come?”

He cried, looking above. “I need some, some…”


The downpour increased, the firmament continued to weep,

The horizon grew bleary, as the tourist’s eyes flapped closed with sleep.


As the dark clouds obscured the earth,

The nature’s fury took out all the mirth.


There was no hope, no joy, only dullness and frown,

But the Lord above didn’t refuse to look down.


Nature and the rogue clouds persisted to fight,

And thus the battle lasted all on this uneventful night.


A dew glistened, and the sun arrived,

Providing the warmth which was previously deprived.


There were no clouds; nature was still striving to cope,

After a marvellous war, the dawn’s tender rays brought out the hope.


The golden ball gleamed enigmatically, spreading its radiant rays,

The world was smiling again with happiness and grace.


The traveller awoke slowly, emerged from the rubble to see-

The trees humming tunefully and the wind dancing with glee.


Every dark night brought out a new dawn, a new dream,

Thus another lesson learnt in life’s flowing stream…


In all of nature’s skirmishes, in all of stormy night’s state forlorn,

There is always hope, dream waiting to bloom in the morn!










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