A year to forget

This is my entry for the competition. It involves the theme of the Hunger Games but not the main characters. Read it to find out what it is about!


1. The reaping

I gazed out of the frosted window, wondering why nobody was around. And then i remembered. This was the day. The day we all dread. The day of the Reaping. Every parent hates this time of the year. They couldn't do anything to protect their child, nurture that primary instinct to protect ones own blood. Every year we have to go through the same terror. 

Turning my back on the sorry sight of district 4, I climbed the stairs to wake the children. My heart ached for the poor family who would lose a son or daughter, who would never be the same again. Entering the bedroom, I discovered  my daughter was already awake. She hid her face, but I had already seen the tear tracks. "Sweetie, it's time to get dressed." She wiped her eyes and delivered a smile. A smile I returned. A smile that didn't reach my eyes. She was so young. Only thirteen. And today she would see someone who may even be her friend, meet their death. My husband joined us, hugging us both tightly. I dried my bright blue eyes, and tucked my golden blonde hair behind my ear. Sniffing, I separated myself from them.

My family. My beautiful daughter. She had golden hair like mine which settled in waves over her shoulders, but she had her fathers hazel eyes. At that moment his curly jet black hair shadowed these eyes, hiding his tears from our daughter, he didn't want to show her that he too could crumble. He had to stay strong for her. And so did I. I pulled myself up to my full height. "It's time to get ready now."

Ushering my family out of the door, we joined the mass of people making their way to the square like zombies. We were just like lambs being led to the slaughter. Crying children were everywhere, parents trying to calm them down. It was hell. And still we walked. 

As we neared the square, my daughter, Rose, started to worry. 

"Mum, what if it's me?" she whispered, Luke, my husband, turned away tactfully. I crouched so i could look her in the eye.

"Sweetie, it won't be." she smiled and hugged me, whispering thank you. Luke took my hand and i took Roses as we continued into the square.


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