Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


10. Chapter 7: Part 1

The week passed quickly, much to my surprise. It was now Saturday morning and the boys had insisted they take me out to breakfast because I had helped them out so much.

“Where’s my purple jumper?” Harry whined as he threw some shirts on the floor from his closet.

“Purple jumper? Oh, I saw Louis wearing a purple jumper downstairs.” I said as I started picking his shirts back up.

He groaned and ran down the stairs towards Louis and Hannah.

“Is the fair Addie ready?” Zayn asked from outside the room.

“Who beckons?” I asked, with a thick british accent. I completely love being theatrical and so does Zayn.

“Prince Zayn and the ugly troll Niall.” I heard Niall punch Zayn, “I’m just kidding he isn’t a troll!”

“So I’m just ugly Niall?!” He sighed and walked in with Zayn in tow.

“You look stunning. Where are we going? To a music video?” Zayn picked at my outfit.

I was wearing white skinny pants with a flowy beige top complete with beige ankle boot heels that were about 6 inches high. I also had straightened my typically curly hair which added about 5 inches to my hair sending it to my mid back.

Zayn and I had become really flirty with our constant bantering, much to Harry’s dismay, sometimes to Niall’s too. I think Niall has a slight crush on me, but I wasn’t sure. I was helping him every evening with his song. It was getting pretty good we just need a killer chorus. I couldn’t help but envy the girl he had these feelings about. I had asked him a couple of times who she was but he would just bite his lip and tell me it was no one.

Niall crashed his arm around my shoulder; we were about the same height now.

“Aw, look it’s the lovebirds.” Hannah cooed and Zayn laughed whilst Niall removed his arm, looking at the ground. He was blushing beet red.

“Shut up, Hannah! She’s all mine!” Zayn ran over and slung me over his should whilst running out the door.

“ZAYN! PUT ME DOWN!” I demanded whilst pounding my fists into his back.

He set me down on the first floor. “Why’d you do that?” I whisper-yelled at him. I wanted to see what Niall would say.

He winked at me, “Couldn’t let Niall embarrass himself in front of a girl he fancies.” Then, he just walked towards the door.

I let his words process in my head, a girl he fancies? ME? I ran after Zayn, “He fancies me?”

“Don’t sound so surprised. You’re a great catch! Want to ride with me or do you want to ride with an over-bearing brother and a really loud mate and his girl?”

“Well…when you put it that way, I’m riding with you!” I shrugged on a jacket and my sunglasses and followed Zayn to his car.

Niall arrived a few minutes later with Harry, Louis, and Hannah behind him going to their car.

Niall stepped into the back and didn’t say anything.

Zayn mouthed the word lovesick too me as he took off to this diner, gesturing to Niall.

I nodded and pulled out my phone and took a picture of Niall staring out the window. I uploaded it to twitter with a message: Heading out for breakfast with everyone, @NiallOfficial seems to enjoy the scenery x

His phone shook and he pulled it out at my mention. He gets the guys and my tweets sent to his phone. He read it and clicked the picture, “Oh lovely, Addie Thank you for your amazing photography skills.”

I chuckled, “Anytime!”

We struck up a really good conversation about our favourite places and we reached the diner.

I sat in between Niall and Mr. Malik. We all ordered eggs and toast with tea. Harry, Louis, Liam, and Hannah seemed to be having a good time. They kept putting stupid pictures of me not paying attention on twitter. Not that I noticed until after Niall pulled out his phone and showed me.

“Harry! That’s the ugliest picture of me I’ve ever seen.” I pointed to Niall’s phone and it was of me staring at the waitress with a dumb look on my face.

“Erm, it’s quite nice actually.” Niall said, silently I could barely hear him.

“Really?” I asked. No one really said something nice to me unless they wanted something.

“Of course.” He was so sincere; it was hard not believing him. I smiled at the ground after he said that whilst blushing fiercely.

Zayn whispered, “Seems like Addie fancies Niall as well…can’t wait to tell him tonight.” He clicked his tongue and winked at me.

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