Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


3. Chapter 3

I woke up from my nap. I looked beside me and Harry was awake playing with his phone.

"Hey Hazza!" I said. "Hey Addie!" He mocked my voice. "So, Addie. Since you're gonna stay with us for the summer. I won't be too strict on you." He said.

"So?" I asked confused. "There is one rule, baby sister." He replied. "And what would that be, big brother?" I asked. "Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?" I chuckled. "I'll try my best." I said with a smile.

Seriously? How am I not going to fall for four extremely hot and cute guys? Ugh! I'll do my very best on this stupid rule.

I fell back to a dreamless sleep and after a while someone was shaking me. This someone whispered in my ear and said. "Wake up, Adelaide." "Five more minutes mum!" I replied sleepily. This someone chuckled. "Come on, Addie. We don't want to stay on an airplane forever, now don't we?" My eyes shot open and saw Harry looking down at me. "What a weirdo" I thought. "Fine! But you're gonna carry me." I said still feeling sleepy. "Addie who's supposed to carry your stuff?" he asked. "You ofcourse! You're the one who said that you're strong! Now carry me." I replied with a smirk. "Fine, hop on!" I cheered and hopped on his back while he carried my suitcases.

The flight attendant guy suggested that he'd carry my suitcases so Harry woudn't struggle. Harry agreed and after we got off the plane, Harry gave the guy a tip. We thanked the guy and he walked away happily. "Okay, Now get off me!" Harry yelled. "Fine."

*let's skip the car ride to their flat*

"We're here! Addie? Remember the rule, okay?" Harry said.

"Yeah yeah. Whatever."

This is gonna be one interesting summer...

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