Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


2. Chapter 2

Addie's Pov

Me and Harry walked to the rental car as our mummy watched as from behind, waving goodbye at us.

"Goodbye my gorgeous children! I love you!" Mummy screamed. I laughed and screamed back. "I love you too mummy!"

"Come on sis! Get in the car." Harry yelled from inside the car. I hopped in the car and we drove off.

After a couple of minutes we arrived at the airport without any paps or fans mobbing us. No one knew that Harry was back here in Holmes Chapel nor that he was here because he's picking me up. Not even the rest of the band but ofcourse management knew.

I grabbed my backpack and hopped off the car. Harry took my suitcases out of the trunk. I only had two of them so he insisted that he's carry both because he wanted to be a gentleman and that he was "strong and I was "skinny".

I didn't argue with him and just walked to the entrance. As I sat down, Harry checked us in.

Then a voice from the speaker thingy said. "Flight to London is now boarding all passengers please proceed."

We then went through security and all things that have to be done in an airport.

After the process we were now finally in the plane and I sat next to the window and Harry was beside me. Then I just drifted to sleep.

Author's Note: I'm sorry about the short chapter. I'm also sorry that I don't know much about airports. Please don't hate me. :) I'll update ASAP!

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