My Best Friend Tayler

This Is About Tayler My Best Friend.


2. My Thoughts On Them

OCTOVIO(Smart Kid He Is) Tayler(Loyal and Responsible) Zilka(A Good Friend) Bryan(Smart, Health Smart And Nice.) Leslle(Normal And A Confident Person) De'Jo Lene(Smart, And She Has Lots Of Spunk) Genesis(A Natural Goody, Goody.) Sania(A Good Person) Julian(I Have No Idea What He Likes Besides Games) Yuria(Loyal) Elijah(Nothing) Dominic(Creative) Janet(Reliable) Jaime M.(A Very Energenic And Cool.) Jaime P.(A Quiet And Mysterious Person) Sara(A Good Person) Luis(A Cheerful, And Serious Person) Bianaca A Nice Person) Irvin(Good Person) Almas(Fast Learner) Grace(A person With Passion , And Gracefulness. Te'Anne( A Peaceful Person) Courtnee(A Excelent Person)
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