Tory is a button eyed doll come to life. Cursed to kill.


5. Chapter 5

"I hate them! I literally hate them!" Lily screamed as she stormed in. Tory dropped his spoon in surprise. "Now don't be silly Lily dear. What's wrong?" Her grandmother asked kindly. "That pig Jamie's sent me an e-mail full of photos of 'funny car crashes'. I hate him. I wish he was DEAD!" Tory began to feel sick. His hand twitched. No, he thought. Please no. I don't want to. But already something inside him he had hoped would stay dormant was stirring.


Jamie sat smiling to himself. He'd just sent another e-mail to that stupid orphan Lily. He heard the door click open behind him. Quickly he spun round. "Oh it's you." He snapped. "How did you get in?" The figure still in shadow began to walk towards him, holding a rake. "What are you doing?" His voice was shaky with nerves. The figure stopped for a second as a sobbing sound came from it. It stepped forward and Jamie screamed. Tears were pouring from their eyes. Or at least from what were supposed to be eyes. The figure lifted the rake and brought it down hard. It pierced Jamie's neck. As he lay drowning in his own blood he heard a voice sob, "Why me?" 


It was a mystery what had happened. They found Jamie dead next to blood stained rake, with deep scratches on his neck. Someone had written 'Why Me?' on the wall in his blood. Police searched everywhere for the one responsible but they had no leads to follow. The school planted a tree in his memory. Lily and Tory stood at the back and stayed when everyone had gone. "I feel bad now. About wishing he was dead." Tory just nodded. "What do you think happened?" Tory shrugged. "Are you OK? Tory?" She asked concerned. "What? Oh yeah I'm fine." Lily wasn't convinced but decided not to push it. "Come on we'd better head home." She turned to leave and walked off. Tory stayed for a moment longer then followed. They decided to take the long route through the park. They stopped at one point to watch two squirrels chase each other up and down a large oak tree. It was so quiet you'd think every living person had passed away. Even the tramp asleep on the bench the other side of the park looked unnaturally still. You could hear each leaf move, the fountain trickling, the swings creaking. Lily stood completely still swallowing the air like it tasted good. Tory picked a daisy and gently picked each petal one by one. Whispering something under his breath. Lily watched amazed at how careful he was. She always ended up tearing off the petals in clumps. When they had stood there long enough they carried on walking. When they approached their home Lily realised there was a car parked outside. She recognised it straight away. "Oh no. Oh please no." She bolted for the door and rushed inside. Tory had to race to keep up with her. She ran into the living room and stopped short. Tory came crashing into her. "Hello Lily. Why don't you come in and sit down." Lily stared at the social worker. Who was she asking her to sit down in her own home? "No thanks. I'll stand." 

"Well your friend will have to go." She gestured to Tory. "He lives here to. I'm looking after him for a friend." The social worker nodded. "Well OK then." Tory entered the room and sat on the sofa next to Lily's grandmother. "Now Lily you know your grandmother isn't as young as she used to be." Lily's grandmother snorted. "Understatement of the year." The social worker chose to ignore her. "Well it won't be long before your grandmother won't be able to take care of you. We believe it would be best if we moved you before that happens." 

"No!" Lily cried. "I won't leave. This is my home." 

"Lily." Her grandmother interrupted firmly. "I'm not at all well. It won't be long before I need to go into a home myself. I would be much happier if I knew you were settled down somewhere. And you and Tory can stay together." 

"Um excuse me that's not for you to decide." Tory sat looking from Lily to the social worker. Lily's left hand was twitching. "I." She struggled. "I wish you were dead!" She ran from the room before the social worker could take in what she'd said. Tory starred at the place where she'd stood. He wished he'd never heard what she'd said. But the damage had been done. Nothing could change that.                   

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