Tory is a button eyed doll come to life. Cursed to kill.


3. Chapter 3

"Lily!" Grandma called. "I'm going out now. Soups in the microwave heat it up when you're hungry." The door closed and Lily was left home alone. After watching a small bird fly onto the bird table, into a tree and back again for a while her mind started to wander. She wandered the house looking for something to do. Then it hit her. I'll go up to the attic, she thought. I've never been up there. It wasn't that she wasn't allowed. It was just she'd never had the urge to. She ran into the store room to fetch the hook. Then she ran to the attic door pushed it open and pulled the ladder down. Slowly she climbed up onto the first rung then the second until she could pull herself up into the attic. I took a while for her eyes to adjust to the dark but when they did Lily felt a rush of excitement. Piles and piles of boxes lay scattered around. Some full of her old toys and clothes. Some full of her Grandmothers old things. And some full of her parents old things. But then suddenly she noticed a movement in the corner. "Hello." She called. "Is anybody there?" A figure stepped forward slightly. He looked like a boy. About Lily's age. But she couldn't make out any features. "It's OK. I won't hurt you." Just please don't hurt me. She added in her head. The boy stepped forward into the light. His black hair was very shaggy. He wore a t-shirt made from pieces of blue and green cotton. His jeans were patched and his feet were bare. There were scars all over his body and face . But the thing Lily really noticed was his eyes. Or at least what he had for eyes. Two huge black buttons. "W-Who are you." The boy frowned. "I'm not sure. I think it's something like Rory." 

"Tory?" Lily suggested. The boy grinned. "Yeah that's it."

"Y-You're my old doll." Tory smiled "Yes I think I am." They stared at each other as Lily racked her brains trying to figure out how. Then she remembered. "I wished for a friend. And it came true." Tory laughed. "Yes. I guess it did." They stood in silence a little longer until Lily had an idea. Quickly she started rummaging through boxes until she found what she was looking for. A large pair of sunglasses. "Here put these on. They'll hide the buttons." Tory's face fell. "You don't like my buttons?"

"Oh no I love them." She replied honestly. "It's just other people might not. Oh and we'd better tell them you're blind." Looking much happier Tory took the glasses and put them on. " Come on I'll show you my room. It's changed very little since the last time you were there." They climbed down the ladder and went to Lily's room. Tory couldn't stay still, shaking every snow globe and winding up every music box. Lily just sat on the bed watching him. He's been in the attic for too long. She thought, before realising how old it was to think this about a doll. Eventually Tory stopped rushing around the room and sat down next to her. "Where are all the dolls?" He asked looking around. "I got rid of them. I was too old for them." 

"Why didn't you get rid of me?" Lily looked straight at him. "Because you were my favourite." 

"But you still got too old for me." Lily couldn't help noticing he sounded hurt. "Tory. If I'd off known you had feelings I would of kept you in my room." Tory smiled a small smile, and grabbed hold of her hand. "I remember when I was broken and you fixed me. You hurt your self doing it but you didn't stop." Lily smiled at the memory. "I wouldn't let anyone else touch you until I was done." They sat for a little while longer. "My grandma still has her dolls. Would you like to see them." Tory nodded, his face lighting up. He followed Lucy into her grandmothers room. Rows of dolls stared at them. Tory went to each one stroking its hair and feeling their fingers. Most boys would of thrown them in the air or lifted their skirts. But Tory had respect for these dolls. The same respect most have for other people. "You like them?" 

"I love them." They spent hours in that room as Lily told Tory the names of the dolls, and after each one Tory would say something like, "She's shy." or "She's a good listener." Lily didn't realise the time until she heard her grandmother called her. "I'm up here!" Quick put your glasses on." she hissed at Tory. Tory grabbed the sunglasses and shoved them on, just as Lily's grandmother came in. "Oh who's this?" Lily smiled. "This is my friend Tory." Lily's grandma smiled. "Where do you live Tory." Tory shrugged. "Here and their. Where ever I can find."

"Oh you poor dear. Where are your parents?" 

"Dead." Tory replied looking down. "Oh dear. Well how about you stay with us." She turned to leave then stopped. "Why are you wearing glasses indoors.?" 

"He's blind." Lily replied quickly. "Her grandma nodded and left. 


That night Lily, Tory and her grandma cleared the spare room. "I haven't used this room since Trevor died." She said with a sigh. "Who's Trevor." Tory asked politely. "My son. Lily's dad. He and his wife were killed in a car crash." Tory nodded. After they had cleared the floor and the  bed they left Tory to settle down for the night. "Maybe I should of let him have one of my dolls. He seems very fond of them."Lily nodded. "Hmm. Maybe."

"Still he seems a very quiet boy."

"He is." and with that Lily went to bed as her grandmother went downstairs.


Meanwhile Tory lay on top of the bed, staring at the celling. It all felt very strange being able to walk and talk. He'd always been aware of his surroundings. His creator had put so much of their heart and soul into making him. He looked at his hand. A scar around the wrist and another round his fingers. They were thin lines but not invisible. How could someone take such care in a doll yet make it look like it was thrown together. He knew he was unique to his sisters but he couldn't work out how. Eventually he began to feel sleepy and it wasn't long before he nodded off."                             

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