Tory is a button eyed doll come to life. Cursed to kill.


2. Chapter 2 (5 years later)

Lily woke up to the sound of birds. A pleasant sound. It was a pleasant alternative to the torrential rain they had yesterday. She sat up and looked around the room. It was the same as it had been for years. The walls were still pink and the carpet still white. The only difference was her dolls had been replaced with music and money boxes. Her toy box had been replaced with a writing desk but everything else was the same. Lily just lay there not wanting to get up. “Lily breakfast!” grandma called up. Lily sighed and pulled herself out of bed. “Come on you’ll be late for school.”
“Just coming.” Quickly she threw on her school uniform and raced downstairs. Grandma stood waiting at the bottom. “Lily what have I told you about running down the stairs.” She scolded. “Sorry grandma.” Lilly replied as she sat down and started eating her toast. “Don’t rush you’ll choke.”
“Grandma I’m going to be late.” Grandma’s face softened. “Ok sweetheart. Just be careful.” Lily gulped down her juice and grabbed her bag. “Bye Grandma.” She ran down the path and through the gate. I’m not going to be late she thought. Not this time. She made it to the gates just in time.
South Hart School was a grand old building. With its many corridors and many more rooms it was easy to get lost. That was the down side. On the up side there were plenty of places to hide. That’s what Lily was doing at lunch time, hiding in an old stationary cupboard. She chewed her sandwiches carefully so she wouldn’t make any noise. People kept walking past. At one point stopped just outside. “So where’d you think the little geek went?”
“Probably playing with her dollies.” The voices laughed. “She’s such a freak. And her clothes are so weird.”
“She should just die like her stupid parents.” Lily had to place her hands over her mouth to stop herself calling out. Karma Lily she thought. Karma will get them back.
That night whilst sitting in bed reading Lily had a strange urge to look out of the window. Slowly she lifted the covers and walked across the room. A chink of moonlight made it easy to see the floor in front of her. When she reached the curtains she pulled them open to see, hundreds of stars in the sky. Framing a full moon. Suddenly excited she threw the window open and leaned out slightly. “I wish.” She whispered. “I wish I had a friend. Just one friend.” The wind blew a cold chill into the room and a dog started to bark. Lily sighed. Wishes never come true. She

thought. Never ever. She closed the window and went back to bed.

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