The Year Of 2013

An entry to a competition :) Enjoy


1. The Year

Everybody thinks that New Years is about the tasks we make to ourselves do, the kiss you have when it truly is the New Year or about hoping that maybe God will forgive you for the sins you made last year. But really New Years isn't about tasks, kisses or forgiveness instead it is about family friends and trust. Family is to do with the people you may have lost the previous year or the newborn’s that are just entering or are about to enter the world. Friends will enter and exit your world through your whole life so cherish the friends that you have made and kept because they will not be with you forever. And for those friends who you have lost, too bad its truly their loss of loosing a friend like you. As for trust, you truly cannot live life without trust for others. Through the year you may have lost trust for your friends or for your family members but remember it really doesn't matter, who cares about whether you trust someone or not? NO ONE. So lose trust in someone once in a while and get over it, a lot of people are going to break your trust in them so just forget about picking whom you trust just let it flow. But really what New Years is about is that you need to live your life to the fullest and no I am NOT talking about YOLO. That is false you do not live once you live every single say YODO (you only die once). So really live your life to the fullest, break a few bones, get a few scratches. Go ahead and dive off of that cliff (with a parachute of course) do what ever make you happiest. If you have a crappy job (don’t quit) go and find another job you enjoy or go to TAFE or University and once you get a certificate or diploma then you can quit your job. So the overall message is ‘Do what makes you happy’ then and only then can you have an enjoyable New Years day and a fantastic New Year J


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