Dirty work (one direction)

Laya Walker and Lexi Davis are best friends.Or more like unrelated twins.They ride together they die together.As long as they can remember they caused trouble every where they went.Breaking things, hurting people, pranking people and most of all.Getting revenge.Now they live on their own and have started their own business.They call it 'Dirty work' simply because a customer calls-ask for revenge on a person or people and they do their dirty work.


4. three_not really a title but I don't what to call this so Ta-DA

Laya  P.O.V


I wonder what type of shampoo tyler posey uses ? Most likely the real good kind. whatever kind that is....they probably made is especially for him. I wonder what body wash he uses? must be really good. does he smell like cotton candy ? I bet he smells like a baby's bottom. you know when they get out of the tub and smell all nice and stuff. "-and then bing bang boom we get our money !" wait what ? oh snap Lexi was talking about something wasn't she. act normal...."hahahahaha exactly " 




"......." well this is awkward. not like the show awkward but this situation is pretty awkward.

"Laya were you listening to me at all" Lexi said glaring. "define listen..." "oh you know listen like next time if I'm explain something  you better LISTEN if you don't want my FOOT UP YOUR ASS" my eyes grew wide. "ohhh you mean LISTEN oh yeah for sure definitely haha um now can you go over it one more time" I said smiling at her. she did not return the smile. ruudee. Lexi sighed "find but LISTEN this time got it ?" I grabbed a pen and nodded towards Lexi to go on. "your not gonna get a paper to write it on" "I WILL WRITE ON MY HAND SO HELP ME IF DON'T  START TALKING ALREADY " she mumbled fine and went on.

here are the steps to operation 1D :

1. get pass security guards 

2. sneak into dressing room 

before we go any further can I just say step 3 is just ridiculous I mean I can not pull that off 

3. flirt with Harry and get to know him 

...............this plan still has some flaws.

4. get him to wanna go out with you

5.when he starts to really like you dump him

6.collect are money

I finished writing on my hand and looked at Lexi "okay you know there's like a 30 percent chance of this happening, right ?" I mean the chances of getting Harry Styles to like me let alone want to actually go out with me is very slim. yeah I guess I'm pretty but its usually my personality that scares the guys away. most likely why I'm a single pringle. " oh have a little faith you ol'teddy bear " Lexi got up from the couch and made her way towards the front door. "now were in LA and I plan on exploring are you coming or not and by exploring I mean until someone calls the cops on us for disturbing the peace! " I smiled and walked towards her. "well I am your partner in crime so how could I say no. ON WORTH YOU FILTH HUMAN !" she laughed and we walked out the door and out of the hotel.

                                        * three hours of disturbing the peace and running from the cops  *

well were back from disturbing the peace and this old lady called the cops on us. I guess you cant yell murder in the middle of the street if there isn't really a murder going on. geesh some people. "alright laya lets get some sleep. tomorrow I'll be helping you with your flirting because god and the world knows you are horrible at it." I glared at her. the whole world doesn't know......






A/N : Hi hello how are you :) well I have to pee I updated FINALLY and um how's it going? ?

-loving llamas 

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