Love At First Sight😍

When Alex meets Luke at a local mall , she falls in love♥ . Will it be love at first sight ? (Some graphic sex scenes not that dirty)


5. The Morning

I woke up and I felt sick . I hurried to the restroom and closed the door . I got out and put on my clothes.I went downstairs to make breakfast but Micheal was already making breakfast. I want back upstairs to the room me and Luke where. He was changing and he told me "Last Night was great"."Yeah it was"I told him."Now can we go out"He asked me."Yes"i said as i grabbed his head and kissed his lips."I love you"He told me."I love you too"i told him. I felt sick again so i went to go use the restroom. Luke knocked on the door."Babe, are you ok ? "He asked me . " I dont really think so"I told him . I went downstairs and told Itzela " I think i might be pregnant". "WHAT??? Your only 18"She told me . I went upstairs back to the room Luke was and asked him where a pharmacy was." Luke I think I might be pregnant,from last night."I told him .I thought he was going to get mad and instead he hugged me and gave me a kiss.He told me " I love you ".He took me to the pharmacy to go buy a pregnancy test.I bought the pregnancy test and turns out I was pregnant! "LUKE,im pregnant!"I told him."Really?OMG! Im so happy!im going to be a father!"He said.

"Should we tell the boys"I asked Luke."umm i dont know but we will tell them later .

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