Love At First Sight😍

When Alex meets Luke at a local mall , she falls in love♥ . Will it be love at first sight ? (Some graphic sex scenes not that dirty)


4. That Night At The Party😍👌

That night I had to sleep with Luke. "Um i going to change into my pj's"I told him . "Okay"He said . I came out with a messy bun and my pink pj's."You look nice"he told me . "Thank you"i said . He was only wearing boxers no shirt no pants. Oh My Gawd ! I was melting .I gave him a hug. He hugged me back . He stared into my lips he stared into my lips . He put his pink soft lips on mine and i followed along. He was on top of me on the bed he was kissing me. He started unbuttoning my pj shirt ."wait "i cut him off . I have to check on Itzela. So i went outside the room and went into Ashton's room. There was Ashton and Itzela cuddling wstching a movie together."Hey love birds " i told them ."hey"they said back.I went back into the room ."Now"I told him. He started unbuttoning my shirt while he was kissing me . I helped him along by taking off my pants .I took off his boxers .I felt his crotch on my clit.He took off my panties and my bra.He kept kissing me when he put himself in me. I moaned" Luke!" . "Shhh"he said. He kept thrusting in and out .I. Felt good.

Authors note: hey my turtles. ! Is this story getting any goodv? Please comment! So later on in the story. Bad things are going to happen to Alex and luke .xoxo abril

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