Love At First Sight😍

When Alex meets Luke at a local mall , she falls in love♥ . Will it be love at first sight ? (Some graphic sex scenes not that dirty)


1. Mall w/ friends

Hello my name is Alexandra but my friends call me Alex. Im 18 years old . I have red hair . Im american and mexican.

* text message from Itzela*

Itzela:hey wanna go to the mall today ?


Itzela : ok i'll see you in ten

I put on my pink shorts with a cool story bro croptop. I put my hair in a messy bun and put a black lace bow . I put on my converse and got my bag and keys.I drove to Itzela's house and i picked her up to go to the mall. She was wearing black jeans,ugg boots,and a high low galaxy shirt. . " Itzela you look beautiful as always" I told Itzela. " Omg thank you you do too"Itzela told her.We got to the mall and got off the car.We went inside and went shopping. "I have to use the bathroom I will be right back" Itzela said. I was walking around when i bumped into a cute blond haired boy. "Oh im so sorry " He said . "Thank You"I smiled nicely. "Im Luke,Luke Hemmings Whats your name?"He said."My name is Alexandra but you can call me Alex"I told him. "Mind if we switch numbers"He said."Ok " I said . "there you go um it was nice running into you"He said."You too" I said. I was inlove. "Where were you?" Itzela told me. "I was walking around i met this cute guy his name is Luke Hemmings"I said. " Oooo someones in love"Itzela said. "Lets go home"I said .

I got home and thought all about Luke about he was cute . I was really in love with him.


Authors note~hello my name is abril . If you enjoy this movella please comment ! Xoxo

Ima call you my turtles

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