Love At First Sight😍

When Alex meets Luke at a local mall , she falls in love♥ . Will it be love at first sight ? (Some graphic sex scenes not that dirty)


2. Luke ♥

After that i got a call from Luke .

"Hey Alex its me Luke"-L

"Oh hey luke"-A

"I wanted to ask you if you wanted to maybe go out sometime"-L

"I dont really know luke ,I bearly met you yesterday"-A

"Oh ok well you want to come with me to a party you can bring a friend"-L

"Oh ok. Then when is it "-A

"This Friday"-L

" ok i will see you then"-A

I hanged up the call . I called Itzela ." Itzela,you want to come to a party with me"i told her. "Sure why not "she said. "Ok bye"i told her.

* lukes pov*

I was in love with Alex. She is so beautiful . I love her to death."whos this alex girl "Calum told me."A beautiful girl i met. At the Mall"i told him."You must really like her "Ashton said. "Why do you say that?"i asked him . "Because you have emoji hearts all over her name "Ashton told Me. "Oh well thats the explanation"i said. "Her and One of her friends are coming to our party on Friday"I told Ashton since he was single like a pringle . "Is she cute?"He asked me."I dont know i havent seen her"I told him .

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