Half a Heart

Would you rather get the guy or keep your best friend? Gabriella is torn making this decision. Keep on reading to see what happens. Her best friend's name is Serena. Gabriella's nickname is G. Serena's nickname is S. Harry's nickname is H

"If love is this strong, it's worth fighting for."


3. Two Can Play This Game

Gabriella's POV

After getting into a fight with S, I went back home and actually thought what I just did. 


"G, I promise we will never fight over a guy, no matter how hot he his! I would rather have you as a  best friend, then have a hot boyfriend. Do you agree?"

"Obviously! Our friendship is so much more important. But I feel like in 2 years from now, we will be fighting over a guy, and I'll be acting like a bitch.. I don't want that to happen."

"It won't be you acting like a bitch, it'll definitely be me," S says while laughing. 

 After thinking of this flashback, I heard my phone beep, and I was most definite it was S. But it wasn't, it was Harry...

"Hey cutie :) how are you?

xx Harry"

Should I reply or not reply? Serena or Harry? 

"I'm great! How about you?"

I guess I choose Harry. 

Me and Harry were texting all night, until I fell asleep... oops..

Serena's POV 

Why was I so upset that G got mad at me? Yeah, we have fights, a lot of fights, but not really over a guy. I still remember when we promised never to fight over a guy. I think I should call her and apologize. But what should I apologize for? She shouldn't be giving Harry her number in the first place! We both like him and that's just her trying to get ahead of the game. That's it!! I have to get ahead of the game. 

How's it gonna feel G when there's a big party and you're not invited?  

Gabriella's POV

I woke up and needed to get ready for school. I didn't really want to go because I knew S was gonna start a fight with me. But I did wanna go because I wanted to see Harry.

I put on a cute floral skirt, with a white short sleeved shirt tucked in. I put on my white converse and put a little mascara and lip gloss on. I curled my hair and put a cute light pink bow to the side.

Serena's POV

I woke up and needed to get ready for school. Today for the first time ever, I actually wanted to go to school. I wanna see G's poor little face when she gets even more embarrassed in front of Harry.

I put on a tribal skirt, with a black short sleeved shirt tucked in. I put on my black converse and put on mascara and lip stick on. I straightened my hair and put a cute sparkly headband in.

Two can play at this game G, but only one can win..





This chapter doesn't really have a lot of dialogue. I just wanted you guys to get to know the characters a little more. I'm not getting a lot of likes and favorites at all :( so PLEASEEEE share this. If this doesn't get to at least 10 likes and favorites I'm not updating:( 

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