Half a Heart

Would you rather get the guy or keep your best friend? Gabriella is torn making this decision. Keep on reading to see what happens. Her best friend's name is Serena. Gabriella's nickname is G. Serena's nickname is S. Harry's nickname is H

"If love is this strong, it's worth fighting for."


4. Decision TIme

Gabriella's POV

I walked into my global class and luckily found a seat next to Harry. But just before I could sit down, Serena pushed me over so she can sit there.

"Oh hi S, I wasn't planning on sitting there or anything."

S just rolled her eyes. She's unbelievable. One second she's your friend and the next she's your worst enemy. There were no other seats except for the one in the back. But before I went there I decided to talk to Harry.

"Hi Harry!" 

"Oh hi G! You stopped texting me last night," he said while making a sad face.

"I fell asleep, sorryy! But I'll text you tonight?"

"I was actually thinking we should go to the movies or something."

He just asked me out right in front of S, can this day get any better?!

"Yeah! I would love that!"

He smiled showing his dimples. Aww he was so cute i cant even.

I think I'm gonna tell S, just incase she didn't hear it.

"Did you hear that S? Guess who's going out with Harry? Me!"

"Shut up G. He probably just needed somebody to go with and he chose you."

"Better me then you right?"

I walked over to my seat all the way in the back. The next thing i know S is talking Harry. I didn't mind, I just wish I knew what they were talking about.

Serena's POV

"So yeah, G is such a bitch. Don't go to the movies with her. Come to my party at 10."

"But what do I tell Gabriella? She seems really nice and all and I can't just bl-"

"Just tell her you can't go."

"I feel bad if-"

"Harry!! It's either me or her."

Harry's POV

Why did I have to  make this decision? 

G is such a cutie pie. She's so sweet and I really like her. She really cared about me.

S on the other hand made me feel so different. She was so daring. She wasn't a cutie pie she was more hot. 

Then I realized, why S was telling me this stuff. Because G and S are fighting over me...

What should I do and who should I choose?


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