Teen mom


6. chapter 6

Ahhhh I screamed . I could hear a light cry come on beautiful Harry encouraged . I have one final push to hear that beautiful cry. "It's a girl" the nurse said I looked at Harry he was smiling and about to cry I was already crying with joy. Days after Ashley's birth. We went home with our little bundle of love. She was perfect with her sweet brown hair and brown eyes . She looked like Harry . Her first night home she was quiet. That night I painted letters pink and purple with white dot that spelled out Ashley. I was gonna put It above her crib. When I fell asleep every 2 hours I was up again . Ether for a bottle a diper change or company, I stayed in her room all night. So did Harry . He kept calling her princess and changed me to queen . I didn't care I thought it was cute . The next. Morning I woke up and made we a bottle. I

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