Teen mom


1. chapter 1

*bringgggggg* ugh math I sighed to myself . Hey I'm Emily I'm 16 . Just to say a little something about myself . I walked to class and sat down. Hey babe Harry said to me . Hey I said back Harry was my boyfriend. He was the sweetest thing ever . *after school * hey my parents are outta town I said to Harry . I know only 2 more days till mine are gone too. I smiled . Can I come over today ? Why? I said , we have that big social studies test coming up and I need help learning I'm clueless I giggled yea sure . We walked home , I need a shower I feel gross, I said . Okay . Hurray Harry said with his British accent. I went upstairs got undressed and turned on the shower. Suddenly a hand went over my mouth I tried to scream but I couldn't

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