Not just A nerd (NJAN)

Justin Drew Bieber is a 17 year old junior in high school. His brother Derek Bieber bullies him at home and school. justin is picked on at school because of the big glasses and braces he wears. he also gets bullied because he stutters. Justin has no friends. unlike Derek he has tons of friends at school hes considered popular. Read to find out more ;)


3. Princess

I think im falling for katie. Its just her sweet smile,and her lips, i just want to kiss them. we've known each other for 4 years and I've loved her since. i think its time to ask her.. ask her to be my girlfriend. i just have to bring myself to ask her.  I dont want to stutter when i ask. i want it to be perfect.. i want it to go some thing like : "Hey Katie, can i ask you something? I know we have been friends for a while. So Katie Marie will you be my princess?" I want to ask without stuttering and messing up.. i think ill ask her after school.
*in eighth period English*
Dang i cant stop staring at her. Her blue eyes are so beautiful. And her gorgeous long light brown hair. I think im going to go through with this. i will and i am going to ask her. i heard the bell ring.. i grabbed my books and headed to my locker. I caught up with Katie after school.
Justin: Hey Katie, can i ask you something?
Katie: Yeah! what is it justin?
Justin: I know we have been really good friends for a while now. So i was wondering, Katie Marie will you be my beautiful princess?
Katie: OH MY GOD JUSTIN!! I have been waiting for you to ask me! Yes ill be your princess!
Justin: *smiles* okay com'on babe ;)
I am so happy that Katie Said yes!! We sat where we sat this morning.. its like my dreams came true i couldn't stop smiling. we sat so close together on the bus.. i started playing with her hair.. i never had a girlfriend before it felt so surreal. i love her so much..
Katie: i love you so much justin..
Justin: i love you too.. do you want to go out for coffee tomorrow?
Katie: yeah sure :)

Author note: Thank you guys SO much!! :D It means a lot to hear your feedback :) i hope you like this chapter :))


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