Not just A nerd (NJAN)

Justin Drew Bieber is a 17 year old junior in high school. His brother Derek Bieber bullies him at home and school. justin is picked on at school because of the big glasses and braces he wears. he also gets bullied because he stutters. Justin has no friends. unlike Derek he has tons of friends at school hes considered popular. Read to find out more ;)


8. New hair dont care..

Justins pov*****
When we got home derek told me to go take a shower because he was going to show me my new hairstyle.. okayy this is getting weird. He is never nice to me.i hope it stays like this.. I took a shower got into my pajamas because by now it was 8:30, so why not. i told derek i was out of the shower and he showed me how to style my hair.
Derek: okay, you just put gel on your hands and run your fingers through your hair.
Justin: cool, t-thanks derek..
Derek: your welcome bro..
Justin: hey ima g-go to s-sleep.. night..
Derek: Night..
I went to my room just watched tv for  while thinking about today.. then i remembered i get my braces off tomorrow. Annd i get contacts tomorrow.. thank the lord. Then i got bored of watching tv then decided to text katie goodnight:
Goodnight beautiful. Just remember how much you mean to me. and if you dont know how much you mean to me then think of how much you need air. haha that was sorta cheesy. i love you soooo much princess. Sweet Dreams. <3 ~ Justin

After i texted her i fell asleep.

sorry this was kinda a short chapter.. :/


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