Your brown eyes (a louis tomlinson fanfic)

They were the first things I noticed about her.

Her deep brown eyes.

This was going to be fun.

( like all my stories will be the girls name is crystal drew)


1. Blood

hey my name is crystal drew. i guess you could say i'm the kind of student every teacher wants in their class. yes im what some people would call a goody-two-shoes. but lets just say that its getting kind of old, even for me. i guess you could say that im not really who i look.


i woke up with a sore neck. well thats what i get for sleeping on the couch. i got up and walked over to the bathroom. just like all my friends accused me of, when i looked in the mirror, my hair was perfect. i tried to remember what i did last night. i looked at my clothes and saw that i was covered in blood. uggg. now i remember. that chupacabra last night. the blood wouldn't have bothered me the day before, but today was a different story. grossed out by the sight, i carefully peeled off my blood covered clothes and got into the shower. i washed ll of the blood out of my hair and off of my body before getting out and wrapping a towel around myself.

i walked out of the bathroom and up the stairs to my bedroom. i searched for what seemed like a lifetime before i found an outfit.


i pulled on my black tights with a gold cheerleader skirt and a golden lepard print jacket with a black tank-top.i brushed through my brown hair and blow dried it. my eyes were red from the night before so i put some drops in each one and blinked away the excess liquid. after that i brushed my face with a little bit of foundation, applied lip gloss, and walked back to my closet.


i searched my many pairs of shoes and finally chose my golden heels. i grabbed my purse and headed into the brisk cold of winter outside.


when i made it to my car i jumped in and slammed the door closed. it was snowing outside. the 15 mile a hour wind wasn't helping at all either. i put the car into reverse and pulled out of my parking space at my apartment complex. i put the car into drive and headed to school.


hey there i just wanted to thank you for reading this. this will be my second story. this chapter may or may have not been confusing but i promise it will all make sense in the end. dont forget to read m first fanfic P.O.C.  


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