Twist of Fate

Lyrica's dream is to one day have her own tour with millions of fans screaming her name, but when her first audition for Simon Cowell doesn't go as perfectly as she hopes she finds herself put in the opportunity of a lifetime. Louis Tomlinson, a young lad signed to Simons record label offers to be her vocal coach. Lyrica is more than willing knowing it's her last chance to make it in the music biz. Simon agrees that if Louis can enhance her voice in a mere three months he'll sign her to his label so Lyrica refuses to let anything get in her way, especially a flirting boybander.


1. The audition

The wind was blowing fearlessly through the dust ridden air. Lyrica pushed her auburn hair behind her ear just for a few loose strands to fall in her pale solemn face again. She quickened her pace rushing to the edge of town. When she reached her destination she smiled fondly looking up at the building standing before her in all its glory. She had been dreaming of this day for years and it was finally here. She took a deep breath clutching her worn down guitar case. A rush of courage surged through her tiny frame and she pushed the doors open confidently. She was suddenly met by a rush of people walking past in a hurried pace. Lyrica took a step back feeling rather out of place. The atmosphere was fast pace and everywhere Lyrica's pretty little eyes looked she saw important looking people in expensive clothing doing important looking jobs.

Lyrica took another deep breath forcing herself to step forward to the receptionist desk. "May I help you?" The posh women behind the modern looking desk asked in a bored undertone. Her dim blue eyes looked over Lyrica's appearance with distaste. Lyrica shuffled awkwardly tugging her jacket forward over her chest in a failed attempt to cover her worn down tee that she'd thrown on in a hurry that very morning. 

"I, um, I'm here to see, erm Simon for an audition," Lyrica mumbled. The receptionist raised her eyebrows rather amused with Lyrica's obvious discomfort. 

"Mr. Cowell has been waiting for you Ms.," she looked down at her notes, "Jones. I suggest you get in there before his next appointment arrives. Mr. Cowell is a very busy man and he doesn't have time for ones such as yourself showing up whenever you see fit.

Lyrica wanted to defend herself blaming the tube for running off schedule but quickly decided against it. She frankly didn't have the time to explain her situation to someone who wouldn't care either way. By the looks of it this women wouldn't care if an anvil fell from the heavens right then and there killing Lyrica where she stood. Instead Lyrica nodded her head politely mumbling her thanks, although the lady didn't deserve a lick of it.

The annoyed middle aged women pushed a button buzzing into what Lyrica could only guess was Mr. Cowells office. "Mr. Cowell your ten o'clock appointment is here, shall I send her in?"

A calm stern voice lifted through the speaker, "Yes, thank you Mildred. Also grab me a coffee I'm feeling quite parched, and prepare the boardroom for my ten thirty."

"Right away Mr. Cowell," with that Mildred jumped up and scurried off paying the confused blue eyed girl no attention. Lyrica looked to her left finding two large oak doors. She tiptoed over and knocked lightly on the door opening it shyly. Mr. Cowell looked up from the paperwork on his neat mahogany desk.

"Ah yes Lyrica James come on in," he smiled pulling off his glasses, folding them up, and placing them neatly on his desk.

"It's actually um Jones Mr. Cowell," Lyrica blushed letting herself into the grand office closing the door softly behind her. 

"My apologies Ms. Jones and please call me Simon," he grinned. 

"Oh I um just figured 'cause..." Lyrica glanced behind her motioning to where Mildred's desk was on the other side of the door. 

"Ah, Mildred such a proper and rude lady," Simon chuckled, "but she makes a mean coffee so I keep her around." Lyrica giggled starting to feel a tad bit more comfortable. "I hope she didn't give you too much trouble."

"Um no she was perfectly lovely..." she smirked sarcasm leaking past her lips. Simon chuckled placing his hands on his desk,

"Well Ms. Jones I'd love to continue these pleasantries but we haven't got all day I think it's time for that audition." Lyrica's shoulders quickly tensed up again. She had almost forgotten that she had to preform. 

"Um right I'll uh be performing Piano Man by the legend Billy Joel," Simon nodded his approval and Lyrica pulled out her guitar placing it over her shoulder. She quickly checked the strings to make sure what she was about to play would be in tune then she quickly dove in. 

"It's nine o'clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in. There's an old man sitting next to me makin' love to his tonic and gin. He says 'Son can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it goes, but it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger mans clothes.' Da da da de de da. Da da de de da. Da da. Sing us a song your the piano man. Sing us a song tonight. Well, we're all in the mood for a melody. And you've got us feeling alright..." Lyrica lost herself while was singing caught up in a whirlwind or feelings as the lyrics slipped past her lips. When she hit the final chord of the song the melody ringing in the air she finally came back down to earth a smile planted on her lips. 

The room was silent for what felt like centuries to poor young Lyrica. She forced herself to look up at Simon who was seated a mere five feet in front of her. As soon as her light blue eyes met his he stood slowly clapping to a slow tempo. Her excitement rouse quickly. Simon liked it? He liked it! Lyrica only got a moment to enjoy her glorious moment though 'cause seconds after the applause started the oak doors creaked open five boys running in a flustered Mildred trailing behind them. Lyrica stared in awe as the room quickly turned into chaos. The five boys ran behind Simons desk practically tackling him in a hug. 

Simon was just as flustered as Lyrica glaring at Mildred under the hoard of young boys. Lyrica was yet to realize that she was in the presence of One Direction. "My apologies Mr. Cowell I told them you were in a meeting but they wouldn't listen." Mildred said giving the boys death stares. 

"Oh cheer up sourpuss," the lad known as Louis remarked letting go of Simon to stick his tongue out at the angered women. 

"Well I never," she remarked placing her hand on her chest. 

"Well now you have," Louis grinned. Lyrica stood there awkwardly watching this all play out.

"You may excuse yourself Mildred I'll handle it from here. Also, I'm still waiting on that coffee," Simon said raising his eyebrow. 

"R-right away Mr. Cowell," Mildred said rushing out of the room. Simon shook his head sighing.

"So, boys would you care to apologize to Ms. Jones here for interrupting her brilliant audition?" Lyrica froze, did THE Simon Cowell just call her audition brilliant?! She had to be dreaming. All five boys looked up to see Lyrica standing there for the first time.

Harry stood, walking around Simons desk, and placed his hand out for Lyrica to shake. "I'm sorry we interrupted your brilliant audition," he smirked dimples popping. Lyrica giggled and kindly accepted his hand. 

"Thank you um...?" She questioned his name slipping her mind.


"Oh, Styles right? I'm familiar with your work." Her eyes darted around the room placing names to faces, "Liam.... Zayn.... Niall.... And Louis. Am I right?" She guessed pointing to each boy in turn. 

"On the nose," Niall giggled scrunching his nose up. Lyrica chuckled while the rest of the lads rolled their eyes at their little blonde friend. 

"Well now that you've all met, Lyrica and I have some things to discuss," Simon clued for the boys to leave. 

"Can we stay and watch?" Louis begged the rest of the lads nodding along. Simon sighed turning to Lyrica.

"I don't mind as long as they don't start asking for juice boxes and popcorn to enjoy the show of my life," Lyrica joked.

"Oh we've got a new Lou. Sassy," Liam remarked. Lyrica looked to Louis and winked giggling. 

"Well, then I'll carry on," Simon said trying to stay serious but no one missed the twinkle in his eye. The boys shuffled getting themselves comfortable on the floor by the side of Simons desk. Simon sighed waiting for them to settle down. Lyrica on the other hand was in serious mode again ignoring the five gorgeous boys staring her down, or at least trying to. "Lyrica," Simon started, "you have a very lovely voice and play the guitar quite well but I wouldn't be myself if I didn't point out you were quite pitchy at the beginning and again during the da de da parts." Lyrica nodded trying not to let the negative remarks get to her. 

"May I put something in?" Liam asked cautiously raising his hand like a child would in class. Simon nodded allowing him to speak.

"I of course didn't hear your audition but I can tell by your manner that you're very likable and you have a pretty smile," Liam grinned. 

"I agree with Liam," Niall added, "and I was told that I was likable at my first audition and look where I am now. I'm in a band that's number one in turdyseven countries." Lyrica tried not to giggle at his accent. 

"The lads have very valid points but honestly Ms. Jones I think what you need is a vocal coach to open up your voice a tad buy more. It has so much more potential, but sadly all my coaches are packed full for the next three months." Simon sighed thinking hard. The room went silent. 

"I could do it," a voice ran out. Everyone turned to look at Louis.

"Really man?" Zayn questioned, "don't you think we're a tad bit busy?"

"All we're doing right now is lyric writing for the new album. I could put some time aside to train her," Louis shrugged. Everyone looked to Simon awaiting his answer.

"That's not your worst idea ever..." Simon said thinking it over.

"Thanks.... Wait what was my worst idea?!" Louis accused.

"The red hair," Harry laughed.

"That was for charity!" Louis shrieked and everyone burst out laughing except for Simon who waited for the room to settle down before stating,

"If Lyrica agrees to it than I say why not. I'll give you three months if you can have her voice perfect by then, then I'll sign her." Everyone turned to Lyrica and she shrugged.

"What's the worst that could happen?" 

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