Dreams Come True

Julia Hammonds is a huge belieber and has always dreamed of meeting Justin Bieber. She finally gets the opportunity to. What will happen when Justin wants to spend more time with her and she realizes all of the feeling she has for him. This story is about basically every beliebers dream. Remember that dreams come true if you believe.


1. The News

 Julia's POV

I woke up to my alarm clock at 6:45am just like every other day. However, before I had a chance to get out of bed my dad and mom come into my room singing happy birthday and carrying a plate with waffles on it. I truly have some of the best parents. My parents gave me the waffles and my dad came over and kissed my forehead and said, "I can't believe that you are seventeen already!" If you couldn't already tell today I turn 17! Once my parents left the room I got out of bed and got dressed for school. I put on some skinny jeans with a college sweatshirt. I quickly straightened my hair and put on some makeup. I walked outside to get into my dads car so he could drop me off at school when I saw a brand new red convertible with a big bow on top.
"Ohh my GOSH!" I screamed very loudly. My parents laughed and and I ran over and gave them both a hug and my mom handed me the keys to my new car! I picked up my very best friend Hailey to  go to school. I think that she might have been more excited about my new car than I was.

After school:

I got home from school, threw my backpack on the ground and sat on the couch. My mom came over holding a gift bag and said "Didn't want to open your present?" I replied by saying that I thought my car was my only gift. She handed me the present and insisted that I opened it right away. I opened it and just saw a folded piece of paper. When I unfolded the paper I almost passed out. I screamed so loud! The paper was a meet and greet ticket package for the Justin Bieber concert coming up in exactly a week!

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