Her Butler, Imposter

Happy little Genevieve had everything a fifteen year old girl could've possibly wanted, a nice house, parents who left her to do as she wished, a nice fiancée, but when one has so much one can only expect that the universe would balance out the happiness with misery, and should the universe tip the scale to make one very unhappy rather than an equal amount of happy and unhappy well then the universe is doing as it pleases, and the one on the unhappy end of that is simply unlucky. Genevieve Abbey is unlucky.


3. Her Butler, Savior

Genevieve's head whipped to the side at the words of the demon and the simultaneous sound of the window pulling open. She was relieved to see her demon butler, and then she was angry.

"Why you horrid being." She spat at him. "You left me to die." She accused him.

He down cast his eyes and bowed respectfully to his Mistress. "I apologize My Lady. I do not know what came over me." He stayed bent over, awaiting her forgiveness, but she just stared at his slumped form disgustedly.

"You're a pitiful excuse for a butler, and a demon. Not even staying to protect the soul that you're contracted too. Disgusting. If I weren't still bound to you I'd make you leave, but alas." She sighed and rubbed her head as she was guided back to the bed, her head was woozy, and she was starting to see black spots. "My soul belongs to a coward." She grumbled as a maid was called in to tend to her wounds and she slipped into a state of consciousness that seemed rather like sleeping.

She could feel the gentle hands of a maid pulling up her night to examine the wound, and then felt the same careful hands put the bandage around her waist once again.

"She is right you know, Shinigami, you are a pitiful excuse for a demon." Sebastian told the now erect Maga, who was looking at what he thought was his sleeping Mistress with pain and regret in his eyes.

"My only intention when I tricked her into thinking I was a demon was making sure she was happy and well cared for. I'd never seen such a tortured soul." Maga spoke with sadness. "Nor have I for that matter, but was it really wise to lie to her, Maga?"

"No, I suppose that it wasn't." He sighed, rubbing his temples. "But I couldn't think of any other way to convince her to trust me. It was a split second decision that I wish I could take back."

"Well, it's a bit late for that, Shinigami."

"You think I don't know that demon?" Maga asked angrily. "I'm perfectly aware that it's too late, and if for any reason she finds out that I've been lying to her this whole time… she'd never forgive me. I only wanted to give her what everything she wanted. It's hard not to pity her."

"I don't think she wants your pity. She doesn't seem the kind." Sebastian spoke, "I'll leave you alone, but do not try and escape with her. My Master is interested in her, and her soul, and I fear to think what may happen to you should he decide to send me after you."

"I wouldn't dare risk moving her." The Shinigami groaned, looking down at his pale Mistress. "This really is all my fault, isn't it?"

"Every bit of it, unfortunately." The butler said coolly before exiting, closing the door behind him without a sound. The Shinigami examined the face that he had come to know like the back of his hand, noting the new crease in her brow, probably from pain, and the small part in her lips, her slight panting. It reminded him of the first time he had laid eyes on her.


He had left the way of a reaper behind nearly a month before he met the darling little girl he now called his mistress. He had taken to making acquaintances with demons, who were often good suppliers of information, and in order to maintain such acquaintanceships he had been forced to endure the company of demons on a regular basis. On his particular night he was in the lair of some particularly nasty demons who took to feasting on souls at will.

The demons disgusted him, infuriated him, nearly breaking through his usually cool façade with their antics, but today he was playing cards with them, as though all was well. He had been sitting at a table, playing poker with a bunch of demons in their true forms when he heard it.

He had heard the noise each time he had visited the demon lair, but for some reason this time the noise resonated in his ear as particularly pain filled. It was the scream of a young girl in tragic pain.

He looked up at the demons he was playing cards with, and asked them coolly, with very little interest. "Who is she?"

One of the demons snorted. "A brat. She was found after a band of us raided her mansion, but her soul wasn't worth the energy it would take to get it out of her body."

"Then why did you keep her? Why not simply kill her?" He asked, throwing in all of his chips.

"Bad move Shinigami." The demon he had been speaking to then revealed a hand that had to have been cheated, but the Shinigami allowed the demon to take his money none the less as he waited for the answer to the question. He often let the demons win such things, knowing that it was better for business.

"Her body was worth more alive than dead." The demon laughed maliciously, and the Shinigami was filled with pity for the poor girl. To be the play thing of a band of demons, she didn't have a chance.

"How long have you had her?" He asked, trying not to seem overly curious. "A year in human years I'd think." The demon laughed. "We've never had a pet last that long, it was shocking, and with a child to boot." The demon roared with laughter now.

He hadn't expected that, a month or two maybe… but a year, a whole year being tormented by demons. After that had sunken in he recollected something else the demon had said. "And with a child…"

"A demon child?" He asked, shock in his tone.

"I would think so, she was a virgin when we found her." A different demon answered, and the one he had been speaking to before smacked said demon a top the head none too gently he would assume.

"You're an idiot. The human gestation period is nine months; whether or not she was a virgin a year ago has nothing to do with it." The hit demon whimpered like a kicked puppy, and the Shinigami thought it was ironic that he could cause pain, but not take it.

"May I see her, a demon baby, that's quite remarkable." The Shinigami stayed blank faced. The demon laughed and stood from his chair, moving towards the back of the room where a door was.

"I see no reason not to, and I'm feeling especially generous today, you can even use her if you'd like." The demon cackled, opening the door. The room was dark and dank and he was sure that the girl couldn't see. He had to allow his eyes to adjust, but soon he was able to see, just slightly, and he made out the girls outline in the corner, along with small whimpers.

"We killed the child a few days ago, but you're welcome to the girl, ask her whatever you'd like about it, you've always been a curious one, and if she does not comply… well I'll let you decide how to punish her." The demon cackled and shut the door, leaving Maga alone with the young girl.

He moved towards her, and even blind she moved away. She must have gotten good at echolocation, as dark as it was.

"I will not hurt you, child." He said softly, moving slowly towards the girl. As he got closer he realized exactly how young she was. She wasn't even a teenager yet, he was sure. Her deep brown eyes were reserved, and unbelieving, and he wondered how many demons had told her the same thing, only to let her down when they abused her.

He kneeled next to her, and where he expected her to flinch she didn't. She didn't struggle as he placed his hand on her swollen cheek, her eyes were hard and unfeeling, much too shielded to be natural to such a young girl. He stared into her strong unwavering eyes for what felt like eternity. He felt so lost in her beautiful eyes. He knew in that moment, in that one instant, that he had to protect this innocent child. She had seen too much with her eyes, much too much.

"My name, is Maga. What is yours?" He wasn't sure why he had told her such a lie, but he had, and he wasn't going to be able to take it back now. She didn't speak, rather she just started it him, her gaze turning hard and angry.

"I need not tell you my name for you to abuse me, just get on with it." She growled at him, and he was surprised that such a little being could have so much rage in her. She seemed so petite and broken before, but she hid it well beneath her mask of anger. So well he wasn't sure it was ever there. But it had to have been there. This poor girl. "I do not wish to abuse you. I wish to let you out of this place."

"Do you really?" She asked, him, obviously not believing a single word he spoke to her.

"Yes, I really do, what would make you believe me?" He asked her, and she looked at him, well, sort of looked at him, as best she could in such low light, actually no light to her.

"Make a contract with me then." She stated after a few moments. "Make a contract with me, and I will believe that you do not wish to hurt me." She told him, and he was hardly able to believe what he was hearing. The Shinigami stood, motionless as he stared at the girl.

She thought that he was a demon.

Why… that was absurd! He should've stormed out from offense, but he didn't because he hadn't stated at any time that he was not a demon, and she had no way of knowing that he was not a demon, and if she had truly been locked in the room with no contact other than that of a demon then he couldn't be offended that she had assumed such a thing. It was a completely logical assumption. How she had knowledge of contracts when clearly these demons were not the type astonished him, but none the less he agreed. Why? He honestly just didn't want to see the girl in pain any longer.

"Yes, alright, I'll make a contract with you, what are your terms." He asked her and she seemed shocked at his response. She had obviously not expected him to say yes. He had no idea how a contract formation worked, and he didn't care to know any more than he did.

"Hey, it's awfully quiet in there. You didn't kill her, did you Shinigami?" The demon asked from behind the door, and the Shinigami sighed glad that the demon had not used his real name.

"Think on that for a moment, yes? We will return to this matter shortly." The Shinigami stood and pulled from his pocket the Death Scythe he wasn't meant to have as a deserter, and moved towards the door quickly. So much for establishing contacts with these demons. The Shinigami pulled the door open and ran the tip of his Scythe through the demons heart, exposing a cinematic record he wasn't interested in, he moved on to the next demon, killing him as well, until all nine of the demons in the lair had perished at his hand, completely known to the young girl in the dark room, who sat motionless through the commotion, watching each of her tormentors finally fall to the ground dead, the way she had wished them to for so long.

"Well," said the demon as he returned the scythe to it's proper place out of view "what do you say we speak somewhere a little less hostile, yes?" The Shinigami asked, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"N-no, I don't trust you, I want to make the contract now." She said, voice wavering only once in the beginning, then staying strong. He sighed.

"Very well, but you do know what a contract entails, do you not? I get your soul, child, is that what you want?"

"Y-yes." She said, uncertainly, but holding her chin high, telling him that she wouldn't take no for an answer. "I want to make a contract with you. Now."

"Very well, choose your stipulations." She blinked dazedly.

"What?" He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "The contract, child, choose your terms for the contact, when do I get your soul?"

"When…" She seemed confused, but she brought herself out of it quickly. "Yes, well, um… you get my soul when… when…" She searched her brain for something, anything, a stipulation of some sort that was worth her life. Then she remembered the talk of the demons.

"Sebastian sure led us good there, didn't he, who'da known that we'd get so much from one little mansion." The words echoed in her mind like a shout into a canyon. She knew then exactly what she wanted to make the stipulation of her contract.

"You can have my soul once the demon Sebastian is killed."

"Sebastian? Sebastian who?" He questioned. "Sebastian… I don't know, the Sebastian that told those demons to attack the Abbey Mansion. I want that Sebastian dead, and then you can have my soul." She told him with certainty and confidence he was sure she didn't possess.

"Very well, where would you like your mark?" He asked her, and she tilted her head. "Mark?" "The seal of the contract, where would you like it?" He asked her stoically, but almost annoyed.

"Oh, um…" She seemed uncertain. "Where would you suggest I put it?" She questioned him, and he sighed.

"Your neck, perhaps." She tilted her head.

"Very well then." Her fingers glanced her neck and he reached out, placing his fingers over the spot. He had no idea how he was going to fake this. She started shuddering.

"Is it supposed to hurt?" She asked through gritted teeth, and he felt a burning in his wrist as she asked the question. He looked down to see a black marking on his pale skin, a pentagram. Had he really bound himself to her?

"It will be over soon, just stay calm." He assured her, while a fire raged within his hand. She nodded, but did not scream, and if she was feeling anything like what he was he wondered how she wasn't screaming. He could endure pain like this easily, but she was a fragile little human girl,a young human girl at that, and she hadn't so much as whimpered. He realized then exactly how much pain she must have endure to be able to bear this. His cold Shinigami heart ached for her. Slowly the pain subsided and he bowed to her.

"I am at your service Mistress." He spoke to her gently.

"What is your first order?" She was silent for a moment before she finally swallowed hard and looked at him, still not able to actually see him.

"I want to eat something Maga." She told him, and he bowed in observance her order.

"Yes, My Lady."

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