Her Butler, Imposter

Happy little Genevieve had everything a fifteen year old girl could've possibly wanted, a nice house, parents who left her to do as she wished, a nice fiancée, but when one has so much one can only expect that the universe would balance out the happiness with misery, and should the universe tip the scale to make one very unhappy rather than an equal amount of happy and unhappy well then the universe is doing as it pleases, and the one on the unhappy end of that is simply unlucky. Genevieve Abbey is unlucky.


2. Her Butler, Abandoner

It was dark, something that Genevieve wasn't used to. It was never dark, Maga made sure of that. He knew how she detested the lack of perception that came with darkness. The room that she was sitting it was dark, and cold, and musty, almost like a dungeon...

Her mind was immediately drawn back to a place she sincerely did not want to be, and she shook her head, clearing it of the menacing memories of her past, of her pain and her loss. She didn't want to remember those things. Where was Maga? She needed a distraction.

"Maga?" She called into the darkness. "Maga, Come!" She commanded him, only to remember that he no longer took orders from her, their deal was through, but even so, this seemed unlike Maga, to just leave her here in the dark. Then, what did she really know about her blue-green eyed demon butler?

"Mistress?" His voice called to her from somewhere, and suddenly there was light, and the cold and mustiness dissipated, leaving her standing alone in a long hallway illuminated by windows that let in a blue-white light that couldn't be natural, but it couldn't be anything else. It was such a comforting light. Lining the right wall were mirrors as long and as tall as the wall, making a perfect reflection of their counterpart, bouncing the light from the window back outside. The dark carpet beneath her suddenly bare feet was soft to the touch.

The whole hall was a contradiction of dark and light. Farther down the windows disappeared and the light was fainter. That was where she caught a glimpse of deep almost black hair, and a uniform that she'd know anywhere.

"Maga?" She called, "Maga, what's going on? Where are we?" She called as she started after his disappearing figure. While he seemed to be getting closer as she ran the hallway also seemed to be getting longer, and she was growing impatient as she was continually unable to catch up with her demon butler.

She felt her entire body force her to stop unconsciously as she reached the end of the windowed section of the seemingly infinitely long hallway. She couldn't continue. It was too dark. She couldn't go into the darkness, it scared her.

"Maga?" She asked carefully, straining her eyes as she attempted to catch a glimpse of him down the dark endless tunnel. "Maga, can we go home?" She asked, tears springing to her eyes. She hadn't realized how truly dependent she had become on her butler to take the darkness away. The darkness was when they struck, when they hurt her. Always under the cover of darkness, every time it got dark, without fail, they were there to hurt her and her baby.

Every single time.

"Maga this isn't funny!" She screeched through her soft sobs. "MAGA COME HERE NOW!" She shrieked.

Suddenly the light from the windows disappeared and she was plunged into compete darkness. It was so dark she couldn't even see her feet. She moved to the side, looking for the walls that had been there just moments before, but they were nowhere to be found. The smell of stale urine and body odor filled her nostrils and she gasped and sobbed as she was forced to relieve her year of torment.

The first hand struck her, knocking her to the ground with it's force, and another blow landed on her side. Why could they see in the darkness? How could they see in the darkness. How could they kick and hit her when she couldn't even see her own hand? A sob threatened to escape her, but she forced it back, she wouldn't give whoever was hurting her the satisfaction of knowing she was in pain.

A particularly hard kick knocked her in her stomach, and she gasped in shock when her hands flew to a familiar feeling bulge in her belly.

Her baby.

"MAGA!" She screamed, sitting up right in a comfortable, but unfamiliar, bed. It was night time, but there was light. On the simple but elegant bedside table a lone candle sat, illuminating the room with orange and deep shadows that danced like ballerinas. She clutched her racing heart and glanced around the room. Her throat hurt, but she dare not take a sip from the ominous glass of water sitting beside her bed.

"It isn't poisoned, if that is why you are hesitant. Unlike you my master and I have no desire to kill you." A deep lilting voice spoke from the direction of the door. She drew the covers up around herself as she noticed a dark silhouette set with blood red irises.

"Relax, I mean no harm. My Lord has instructed me to see to it that your needs are met until you are once again in good health," the silhouette spoke. Her hands flew to her stomach on instinct. But there was no bulge, no baby, no life, like there hadn't been for nearly six years.

"Who are you?" She questioned, "And when was I not in good health?"

"My apologies Miss," The silhouette bent and she realized that it was bowing. "I am Sebastian Michealis, butler of the Phanotomhive House."

"The Phantomhive House is ash."

"Yes, thanks to you, it is, but I still serve Lord Phantomhive." The butler stepped into the light. "Would you prefer tea to water, you were screaming for an awfully long time. I'm sure you're throat hurts."

"Where is Maga?" She demanded, ignoring his question.

"Ahh, a good question indeed. Where is Maga? I do not know. After you were injured he made his leave, and rather than pursue him I treated your injuries" He told her smoothly. Her brows furrowed. There was that talk of being injured again. She couldn't remember being injured.

"When was I injured?" She repeated.

"When I was pursuing you and your butler. Unfortunately the seat he asked you to get under didn't block the entirety of my assault on your carriage. One of my knives buried itself in your stomach. You are fortunate to be alive and breathing." He assured her. She cocked her head.

"I don't recall such an instance." She murmured.

"Yes, you also hit your head quite hard when the carriage tilted. Your shinigami should've been more careful with you." The butler had very hard and defined features. He was slim, and anyone would say that he was far beyond handsome, anyone but her that was. She no longer looked at men that way. The only man she knew she could trust was her Maga, and even he she trusted just enough not to mutilate her.


"What is a Shinigami?" She questioned him, curious as to the term he had used.

"A Grim Reaper."

"When did I have a Grim Reaper?" She asked, letting her hand trail under the blanket, and sure enough beneath her long night shirt that had pooled around her thighs there was a bandage.

"We will talk of this in the morning Miss. Please, drink some water and sleep peacefully." He bowed to her as quietly as he had appeared, closing the door and leaving her alone in the candle lit room with a full glass of water, and her thoughts.

"Maga..." She pouted unsure of herself. She'd never felt so alone. No, that was a lie, she just hadn't felt this alone in a long time, but she had certainly felt this alone before. She had felt this alone when she was child, a young girl with another life growing inside her and no way to protect it, but even then she had the child to comfort her, to talk to, to praise and coo to. She had no one now. Not even her Maga.

It was then that she realized that her clothes had changed, and with no Maga she wasn't comfortable with the new garments. She just hoped the ominous butler hadn't been the one to change her. She shuddered at the thought. She glanced around the candle-shadowed room once again, this time looking for something she could use as means of escape. She had not heard the door lock. She wasn't sure if she was free to go as she pleased, but she pleased to go now. She didn't like strange places and she wanted to go home if Maga wasn't here to take her soul.

When she stepped out of bed slowly there was a deep twinge of pain in her stomach and she looked down to see her night gown and her bandages soaked with blood. She had forgotten about her injury; they probably suspected that such a thing would keep her bedridden.

"I will die before I am so defenseless in someone else's domain." She said through gritted teeth as her soft bare feet hit the cold floor with soft thuds.

He watched his strong little mistress clutch her stomach as she forced herself out of her bed and onto her feet and fumbled towards the door. The damn demon had come so close to revealing him to her, and how dare he. The Shinigami had every intention of telling his mistress the truth in his own time, and now was not the time.

She shivered and he noticed the blood oozing from her stomach. He felt a pang of guilt rush through him. He shouldn't have left her. He was lucky the demons had decided not to take her soul, but he didn't want to know what they had planned for her. He was sure Sebastian knew he was there, and wasn't sure why he was making no move to eradicate him, but he wasn't taking any chances. He just watched his Mistress as she made her way to the door, only to have it open before she reached it.

"Please, Miss, lay back down." Sebastian spoke, and he held back his growl. Sebastian did not even glance in his direction, but Maga was sure he knew he was there.

"No, I'm going to find Maga, and I'm leaving." She told him stubbornly.

Sebastian glanced at him, and he froze.

"Well come in now, before she kills herself." He said stoically, and the Shinigami blinked before letting himself in through the window.

*Quick Note*

So is this alright? Does it make sense? Any comments or concerns as to... well anything? If you're taking the time to read it I think the most fair thing I can do is make sure that it makes sense, right? Hope you like it so far, but if you don't it won't hurt my feelings. I solemnly swear, because I'm up to no good. ;)

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