Are you my princess?

17 year old Colette is starting her senior year of high school in London. She is in the fine arts academy for acting and dancing. One week into the school year, one direction comes and they get assigned partners. What will happen when Colette is partnered with Niall?


9. room assignments

Colette's POV

so I have one direction living with me now. My life is never going to be the same now. Like EVER. I snapped out of my thoughts and saw the boys snickering and Niall looking at my as if to say 'I'm sorry...' I got scared.

"What happened?" I asked terrified to hear the answer. Zayn stopped laughing and said "How come you have all this money and no car?!?!" I don't get how that's so funny. "I just never found the use for one..." "Well you need to get one love." Louis said. All I did was roll my eyes. My house is 3 stories high not including the basement and attic. "Okay boys so you guys can pick from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor." Liam decided to pick a room on the 2nd floor as did zayn. Harry picked the first flood and Louis and Niall picked the 3rd floor.

"Now before you go off to your bedrooms you guys have everything a master bedroom consists of so go crazy." Louis ran away flailing his arms screaming gibberish. I think he took it a bit too literal. Oh well. I also made sure they didn't see my parents room. With them occupied, I walked off to my room grabbing a guitar. The tune of Ed Sheeran's Lego house came into my head so I started singing it and playing it on my guitar. Thank The Lord that Ginger was born.

As I finished the song I heard Niall say "wow I never knew you could play so beautifully." There are a lot of things he has yet to learn about me. "Thanks, do you play too?" Nice save Colette. "Yeah I do! I love guitar it's my second love next to food." He grabbed my other guitar and started playing autumn leaves. How did he know that was my favorite song? "I do now." Niall said smirking. Did I really say that out loud? "Yes you did Coley and for the record, you look cute when you blush." "I erm well uh t-thank y-you.... I uh h-have to go t-to sleep we have s-school tomorrow. Yeah school.... N-night Niall!" Wow what the hell was that?! "Good night Colette."

Nialls POV

She is so god damn beautiful! I've literally known her for a day and I've fallen for her. I think I found my princess! But I don't want to rush it. I walked out of her room and heard screams down the hall. What the deuce?? I found the room that the boys were in and it was the arcade. They were playing FIFA on what looked like the biggest screen ever!!! "IM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS STYLES!" "NOT IN A MILLION YEARS TOMMO!" Harry and Louis shouted at eachother. "Ok guys nobody is going to win but Nialler." I say. Harry threw me a remote. "Game on." And with that we were playing for what seems to be forever.

Colette's POV

What am I doing? I can't fall for him. And I realized we don't have school tomorrow. It's Saturday tomorrow. SATURDAY?!? I get to see my best friend tomorrow!! Omg I almost forgot..... I have to DRIVE to the airport. I'll ask Harry to Borrow his range rover. What I really need to focus on is some sleep. Night guys.

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