Are you my princess?

17 year old Colette is starting her senior year of high school in London. She is in the fine arts academy for acting and dancing. One week into the school year, one direction comes and they get assigned partners. What will happen when Colette is partnered with Niall?


10. Perrie! xD

Colette's POV

I woke up to my alarm blaring. It's 7:00 am. I'm not a morning person. I'm more like a 10:30 in the morning still pretty lazy kind of person

It's Saturday! And I finally get to see my best friend Perrie! We've been friends since preschool. And this is the first time talking to her since she joined little mix. One day I got a text from her saying she is coming to town and wanted me to pick her up at the airport.

Hence why I'm talking to you so early. I laid in bed for like 10 more minutes then decided to get up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and threw my hair into a messy bun. Then I went to my closet and put on a plain white tank top and some gray sweatpants along with some tan uggs.

I knocked on Harry's door and I heard him say 'come in.' His room is so messy already! "Hey Harold I need to borrow your car to pick a friend up can I borrow yours?" "Sure thing love my keys are on the dresser. Just bring Sadie back in once piece." He named the car Sadie? Lameeee! The only reason holding me back from driving is that accident. I had my license already so I didn't have to worry.

I said hello to Sadie and started her up. I decided to put on Ed Sheeran and drive. He seemed to calm me down. I wish Niall were here.....what am I saying?? Just get to the airport Colette.

I made it to the airport!!! Aaghh I'm so proud of myself! I walked into the airport and 10 minutes passed by before hearing someone yell "COLEY!" Finally I looked over my shoulder and saw Perrie. I started running towards her yelling "PEAR!!" She jumped into my arms and we nearly fell to the ground.

"I missed you so much pear!"

"I missed you too coley! Do you want to come to my concert tonight?"

"What kind of question is that? Hell yeah I want to go!"

During the car ride home Perrie told me about her boyfriend and how I'm going to meet him tonight. He better be treating my best troll right. Or imma beat him. Hey best friend instincts cut me some slack.

As we pulled into the driveway (yes ours) Perrie exclaimed how big the house was. I laughed at how shocked she was. I opened the door and saw the boys watching the walking dead. Perrie and I are in the house and I throw the keys at Harry.

"And here we ar-" I was cut off by zayn saying "Perrie?" "Zayn!!" Perrie jumped into zayns arms and started kissing him. Things started getting awkward so I said "Well it looks like you guys have already met."

"Coley this is zayn my boyfriend haha. May I ask how you two know eachother too?" After telling her the long story about school and the program all she did was smile and say "well I know who I'm bunking with." She said looking at zayn and winking. "USE PROTECTION!" Louis shouted.

After a whole of catching up, Perrie told us to get ready for the concert. I decided to straighten my hair and did my signature make up with the winged eyeliner and charcoal eye shadow. It sounds gaudy but it's not heavily put on.

I walked into my closet and grabbed black vans, pink and black tribal print leggings, a black strapless bra with underwear to match and my white tank top. After looking at myself in the mirror satisfied with myself, I grabbed my phone and bag then walked into the living room.

Niall saw me first and said "wow, you look great!" We were just about to leave but Perrie stopped me and gave me a ring that she's had since 6th grade and she said "I want you to keep this and never take it off." "I promise Perrie I love it." After a long hug we went to the concert.

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