Are you my princess?

17 year old Colette is starting her senior year of high school in London. She is in the fine arts academy for acting and dancing. One week into the school year, one direction comes and they get assigned partners. What will happen when Colette is partnered with Niall?


15. nightmare

Colette's POV

I just got home from school. I had checked my phone and saw a text from my mum. 'Hey honey your father and I will be home late tonight, we love you so much.'

Only had I known that is the last time I would ever hear from her. After the news hit me that they have passed I went out for a walk. There was a place that my dad took me to. I heard his voice in my mind, "Colette this is a place where I went as a young lad. It's just a peaceful place. Listen here, whenever you feel down or a part of you is missing I want you to come here and try to find yourself. I'm not going to be here forever, and when I'm gone and you need to talk just come here and I'll be here watching over you."

The fact of that made me cry. But I went to our secret place. Then I had gotten a text 'Watch your back. Mummy and daddy can't protect you anymore.' Nerves went all around my body. But I didn't stop walking. Was that a mistake? My mind kept saying don't go back there it's a trap but my body said keep walking don't turn back.

I sat in a place and I heard some twigs snapping. Everything went in slow motion. I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and my back. Somebody stabbed me. But before I could scream I was woken up.

"COLEY WAKE UP! It's me Niall you're having a nightmare."

I woke up sweating and screaming. Then once I saw nialls face I knew everything was ok and I just hugged him. "Are you okay??" "Yes Niall I'm fine thank you for waking me up."

"Let's get some hot chocolate yeah?"

We went to the kitchen and Niall made the chocolate. "Now what was your nightmare about?" I explained the whole thing to him and he looked concerned. "Coley I'm never going to let anyone hurt you. And on the bright side, both our fathers have secret places for us to go." He gave that cheeky smile I have always loved. "You're the best Niall. I wish it could be like this forever." "It will don't worry."

A/N I'm so sorry this is very short but this is all I can update. I'm trying my best to write this for you and school is interfering and it sucks! I love you all so much and I'll be updating soon

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