Are you my princess?

17 year old Colette is starting her senior year of high school in London. She is in the fine arts academy for acting and dancing. One week into the school year, one direction comes and they get assigned partners. What will happen when Colette is partnered with Niall?


2. erm... hello?

Niall's POV

I'm so excited to be here! People will treat me differently and I got that. The lads and I all get a student partner person who has EVERY class with us. Out of all 5 boys, I was the only one to take dance class. That means when tour comes around, I'll be the only one with the moves like jagger! Muwahahahahaha! Ok that's a little much, terribly sorry.

We get to announce our partners names. We have no clue who they are either just the names. Louis goes first. "Jack Kielston come oooonnn down!" A tall skinny boy awkwardly walks towards him and murmurs a hello. Harry is next to speak. "Erm Zach Mallery.... You can umm come down here." A guy around Harry's height comes down and gives him a hearty hand shake. Zayn walked up to the mic. "Elaine Adams come over here love." A girl immediately jumps up from her seat and sprints towards Zayn hugging him. I assume she's a big fan of us. And now it is Liam's turn. "Tyler Kent" a boy in a batman shirt stands up and Liam noticed then said,"Hey man! I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!" All I could do was laugh. Now it is my turn to speak. "Colette Evans please join me on stage." A beautiful girl from the very back of the room stands up and slowly makes her way towards me. "Hello love." I say.

Colette's POV

"Hello love." Niall says to me. He smelled really good and seemed like a nice person. But why was I picked? "So I'm going to be you're partner for the year. So erm yeah.. Heh." That couldn't have been anymore awkward. "You don't talk much, do you?" Niall gave me a warm smile and I blushed a little, but I was able to hide it. I nodded to him yes. "Well I can work with that. Where is our first class?" "Oh uh yeah... Just follow me ok?" I started walking and Niall followed. Our first class was study hall which meant I had to talk. Grreeaatt.

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