Just a mistake


1. me and you

I walked the streets of London's roads, looking at all the cheerful people. The gloomy day seemed to go on forever. Everything was black and white to me, unclear or steady.

That night my tears were sure to drown me. My blood sure to turn black. I was sure that there would be no tomorrow. I walked into my old house, dropping my bags and walking to the living room. I stood in front of the fireplace staring at my parents picture. Why did they leave you may ask an whom may I be? I'm Marry. They left because they had no money to keep me.

As I thought this could not get worse my stepfather walked in the door.

"Hey we're is my beer, suppose to be here" his Boise was raspy and unpleasant.

"I'm sorry sir"

I ran into the kitchen and to the fridge.

"Sir there is no more" I yelled looking down, scared.

"What" he mumbled.

"we are out" I yelled.

"What" he screamed stomping his foot and running into the kitchen.

He grabbed my face with his big fat sausage fingers.

"Oh we are out, and what did I tell you to get me" he said in a nice bit scary way.

"To get more, I'm sorry"

He slapped my face, and pushed me to the ground.

"Why did I diside to keep you" he walked away, just to sit on the couch.

I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, dampened it with cold water and heals it on my face. You could clearly see a hand mark, spanning from the side of my face to my eye.

That's it...I was leaving.

I packed my bags.

I said a few curses to the house and my step father and was on my way.

The streets seemed to be empty, only some trash filled the street. I looked up, and the sky was beautiful, clear.

What I did not know was I was about to meet my future husband, Harry Styles.

As much as a fool I am I kept walking with my eyes off were is was walking. I felt a warm body touch mine. I fell to the ground trying to process what happend.

"Ow" I mumbled.

I looked up to see a very charming man with green eyes, wearing a trench coat. He was attractive I must say.

"Let me help you up" he said in his deep, slow, calming voice.

I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. I found myself get lost in his eyes. He got lost in mine too.

He put out his hand, not looking away from me.

"I'm Harry"

I shook his hand and said "I'm Nichole"

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