Chloe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons sister she lives with the boys and is dating Liam.


8. Harry

-Louis Pov-

When Chloe ran out I stormed into Liam's room and screamed at Liam "this all your fault! Chloe's run outside in the dark because you betrayed her !. And you Lily you are meant to be her bestfriend and you knew Liam was hers yet you still went and got pregnet with him".

-Lily's Pov-

When Louis said that I felt a pang of guilt because this child wasn't Liam's it was Jacks my other Boyfriend. All the boys looked at me and I thought oh shit I've said my thoughts out loud haven't I.

-Liam's Pov-

I looked at Lily and spat at her "get out now you've caused us enough pain for 3 weeks" "Fine but I only did this because Chloe's a bitch and she needed to learn a lesson.

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