Chloe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons sister she lives with the boys and is dating Liam.


4. Clubbing

-Liams Pov-

When Chloe came down the steps to the boys and I's flat, which she practically lived at *not that I minded* and I gasped ! She looked me in the eyes for approval and I said you look beautiful , she blushed a light red and came over to me and game me a kiss.

-Harry's Pov-

I was about to say something when Liam said "you look beautiful" I have to admit I felt jealous when Chloe went and gave Liam a kiss, I don't why but I did even though it was wrong.

-Chloe's Pov-

After I kissed Liam I went over to all the boys and hugged them when I turned to Harry, he hugged me longer and tighter then usual.

After that the boys said they need to give me gifts, so we all sat down in the living room and Liam gave me his present first it was a necklace with a love heart on the chain that said "Liam and Chloe, lovers forever" ingraved on it. I kissed Liam and said thank you when I turned around I swear I saw a flash of jealousy in Harry's eyes but it must have been my imagination. From the boys Louie, Niall and Zayn put in for a White IPhone 5s which I loved. Harry then gave me a box which had a sliver bangle with "Harry and Chloe: Friends forever" ingraved on the inside I gave him a massive hug and said thank you.

-Harry's Pov-

I felt so warm and gooey after she hugged me.

-Liam's Pov-

I hated the way she looked in Harry's eyes. I was jealous.

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