' It looked like a beautiful day. It felt like a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day until...'

After a collision that left Nana Bher with impaired hearing, she must restart her 'game of life.' She must learn of new ways to do things. New ways of communicating. New ways to love.

But... How can Nana fall in love , if she's too afraid of 'falling'?


4. Chapter 4: The Wake

Chapter 4: The Wake

Chapter 4: The Wake

I feel someone shaking me awake as my throat began to throb, more and more.

Suddenly, I began to feel heat rise from my cheek. I open my eyes, only to see my mother standing in the background, the doctor with his clipboard, the boy who was on my side, shaking me, and someone with a familiar face, showing the fact that she slapped me. I realized I was holding my breath, so I gasped for air.

+ + +

"I come here, greeted with a friendly atmosphere, only for it to be destroyed by you yelling! So I thought that I better snap you out of that awful dream!" The familiar faced girl; my best friend Maya said, as she held ice up to my cheek.

"Sorry..." She said, fidgeting with the package of melting ice. She looked around the room, until she spotted my new 'bedside buddy'.

"B-but to my defence, Peter was also worried about you, but he didn't want to injure you!"

I stopped listening as she said Peter. Peter... Peter who? "Umm... Who is Peter...?" I asked.

The guy beside me typed on his phone, just quick enough to beat Maya to the introductions.

"That would be me..." The phone beeped.

"Wait wait wait -- you still haven't done intr--" Maya began spouting, until she was interrupted by the doctor.

" Erm.. Yes; Nana, what was the cause of the screaming earlier?"

I paused. Yelling? Me? " I wasn't yelling at al--" Then, I remember what Maya said. But... Wasn't I yelling in my dream? Now that I think about it, my throat is starting to throb with pain...

"Ah... I had... I had a bad dream; thats all." I said, fidgeting with the blankets loose ends. I tried to loop one string on another, but the looping didn't work, and instead, made the loose threads even longer.

I felt my mom grasp my hand, and the doctor pat my head. They both gave me very different looks; my mom, which had a genuine hope of me getting better, whereas the doctors emotion was unreadable.

+ + +

"I see... I see." Maya exclaimed, as she paced back and fourth across the hospital room. Both adults were out; my mom calling my 'father' about my circumstances, whereas the doctor went to look after other patients, giving us teens some time to chat.

"You guys; despite the fact that you were in the same room for around a month, and you havent gone further than introduct--" she paused.

" Scratch that... You havent even GONE to the introduction stage!!" She exclaimed.

" Now... I want you both to introduce yourselves, while I get your homework you missed!" Pointing a finger in my direction.

"Boy, will you be lucky to PASS this year!" She swung her head back in, as she headed for her bag.

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