' It looked like a beautiful day. It felt like a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day until...'

After a collision that left Nana Bher with impaired hearing, she must restart her 'game of life.' She must learn of new ways to do things. New ways of communicating. New ways to love.

But... How can Nana fall in love , if she's too afraid of 'falling'?


3. Chapter 3: The Fear

Chapter 3: The Fear

I was in the hospital, lying down, staring at the ceiling. No one was there -- I guess visiting hours were over. I felt a trickling coming down my face. I thought it was me crying again, but then I smelt the smell of metal.

I touched my eyes, and there was nothing. I looked at my hand, to only see a pink strike across my finger. I tried it with my other finger, and the same thing happened. I touched higher up, and the pink stain began to grow darker. I touched the top of my head, and when I looked at my hand, it was covered in blood.

I ran to the washroom, and looked in the mirror. My whole face was covered in blood. I grabbed tissues and was ready to start wiping my face, when I realized something as I looked into the mirror once more.

My face... Was clean. Not even a smudge of pink, or red. I breathed out heavily, as I returned to my bedside. After sitting back down again, I felt something on my head, where the band aids were wrapped. I thought it was the same hallucination as before. I touched my head, and, of course, blood.

I once again got comfortable, until I began hearing a 'plop' sound. I looked to my bedside, and there was nothing. I continued to ignore it, until the plopping became more rapid. 'Plop plop plop'. I looked around my room. "Is someone playing a trick on m--"

I stopped as I noticed something. The lamp that was at my bedside reflected myself, and what was above. I saw a dark splotch right above me.

I slowly turned back, ignoring the splotch above, thinking it was yet another illusion. I almost fell back asleep, until I heard wheezing and moaning.

I slowly began to look up, as blood began to drip on my face. I starred to what was above me, and was shocked. There was a pool of blood above me. I stood up on the bed to see if it was making the noise. As I grew closer, the wheezing grew louder and louder, until I was practically touching the oozing blood.

Then, as I was about to lower, I hear a small whisper. " its your turn now." Suddenly, a hand from the blood grabbed my forearm, and was pulling me in. I started to yell, hoping that someone can hear and come. It whispered again, load enough to shut my screams up. " no one will hear you.

Heheh..." I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my hand. I looked up only to see he was biting me. He somehow became stronger and stronger. I yelled louder and louder, until my voice was lost. Suddenly, the world turned dark.

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