' It looked like a beautiful day. It felt like a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day until...'

After a collision that left Nana Bher with impaired hearing, she must restart her 'game of life.' She must learn of new ways to do things. New ways of communicating. New ways to love.

But... How can Nana fall in love , if she's too afraid of 'falling'?


2. Chapter 2: The Realization

Chapter 2: The Realization

It was my mother. Her hands were so thin ; it was as though she didnt eat for days. She stroked me head, calmingly. " Shh; Nana, its okay" I heard her say in a whisper. She wiped my eye - I didnt even know that I have been crying until now. "I'll call the doctor" she said.

She then grabbed her phone, and headed out the door. She's most probably going to call my 'father' about the news... But what is there to call for? It isnt as tho--. The guy at my bedside began to awake. He rubbed his eyes with his uninjured hand. He looked at me with shocked eyes.

He quickly typed something on his phone. " Well well princess ; you finally awoke from your evil spell. " the phone said. I looked at him, the looked to where his arm was in a slink. He had a cast going from his wrist up his forearm. I reached out and gently touched his wrist. I looked up to him. " I'm so sorry I caused this..."

He quickly typed on his phone. " No no no! The fault was partially mine! I mean look at yourself!!" There was a small pause of silence. What did he mean? "What do you mean ?" He gave me a puzzled look. " You mean... You have no clue what happened; do you?" the phone buzzed. " When the accident happened, you ha--" the phones voice was muted as the doctor came in with my mom.

" Ah! Nana ! You're awake! I've wan--" "W-what do you mean i'm finally awake? What happened to me ?" The doctor was surprised. "You mean you we-" My mother touched the doctors shoulder, and came forward, grabbing my hands. "Honey, the accident... That was three weeks ago. You have been asleep this whole time."

My hands went cold. I have been asleep... A whole week... . "But, what was all that critical condition stuff on th-" i was interrupted by the doctor. "Yes; all of the stuff said on the television is true. " there was a moment of silence, as I processed the whole situation. "Can someone please explain the who-" i felt a pat on my back.

I turned to the guy with the silent mouth. "I can explain everything" his phone said , as he looked up to my mother and the doctor. They nodded and backed away.

So, after we impacted, you flipped and landed on the floor, with your back against the cement. As for me, my leg fell victim to the collision, cutting it up. I ended up falling over.

Your bike decided to follow your direction, so I quickly stood up, and pushed it out of the way, only to injure my hand, and fracturing it. When I went down to check on you , it seemed as though your head cracked. " the phone beeped of low battery. I stood there, mortified by what I heard.

"So... Let me get this straight... ." I said turning in the direction of the guy who sat next to me. "So we crashed, my head cracked, your arm broke, I was a bloody mess, and your foot was cut up really bad."

I breathed in deeply as I tried to continue. " The ambulance came, picked us up, and went to the hospital." I grasped the blanket in my hands. " they said that I suffered brain damage, causing me to be... Impaired."

Tears began to trickle. "And now, we are here, a girl who has complicated hearing aids, and with a hearing impairment that will only get worse, and a guy who has a cast on his arm, and a lot of bandages on his leg." I sighed heavily, as though saying it aloud lessened the fear by half.

"Is that all?" I asked quietly. He nodded. He looked at his phone, stuck it in his pocket, and held up a finger. He then got a notepad, and started writing in it.

"It's okay." He showed the notepad to me, and looked at me with concern. " What are you talking about?! And why do you use that note pad anyway--" I shut myself up immediately.

This guy; this stranger who doesnt even know me... He stayed by my side, and I just acted so rude to him. What was up with me asking that?! He most probably wants to say something, but he can't! And why is it my concern to know?!

I grasped onto the blankets even tighter. I started to feel the blanket leaving marks on my palm with its wrinkles. I jolted upwards, as I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"It's fine. I understand why your so upset; you've just been overwhelmed by so much. I used to be like that, and sometimes I s--" I could not see the writing beyond that, as ot was smuged with the eraser end.

I felt a pat on my head. The hand was so big. It felt as though it were an umbrella, covering me from my problems. I put my hands on top of it. I began to feel something trickling down my face. As I wiped it off, I realised it were tears.

I began wiping and wiping, but the tears kept falling. I continued wiping, but there wasnt any change, except my shirt was gettig wetter and wetter. My arms slowed down, as the tears kept falling. I felt a strong hug embrace me. Only then did I realoze that ot was the guy who sat next to me. I let it all out, and before I know it, I was once more in the darkness.

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