' It looked like a beautiful day. It felt like a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day until...'

After a collision that left Nana Bher with impaired hearing, she must restart her 'game of life.' She must learn of new ways to do things. New ways of communicating. New ways to love.

But... How can Nana fall in love , if she's too afraid of 'falling'?


1. Chapter 1: The Fall

Chapter 1: The Fall

I think it all started that day... But... I'm still - to this day - unsure of what that feeling is.... But whenever I see him, my heart races. But... If I were given an opportunity to avoid that misfortune, most people ask me if I would. But every time, I would decline... . If I did not suffer such a misfortune, I wouldn't be able to meet the people I've met, see the places I've seen, nor feel the emotions I have felt.

That day, I was biking to school -- I do in fact LOVE to bike ; it - in a way allows me to release some steam I've accumulated over time. Anyways, I was biking, and counting the things that I needed for an upcoming project. It looked like a beautiful day. It felt like a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day until... impact happened.

One minute, I was biking at a fast speed, the next, I am facing the sky, unable to feel anything whatsoever. Someone kept on shaking me ; but all I could feel was pain. That person shaking me seemed pretty shocked. He ripped his shirt with his hand... Based on the flimsy action, I could tell it wasn't his dominant hand. He wrapped his ripped shirt around my head. When he took away his hand, I caught a glimpse of blood... A lot of blood. Was his hand okay...? Or... Was that me...?

I wish I had put on my helmet earlier ; my head hurts. I bet my bike is completely scratched up; there goes my saved money for a new paint job. When I looked to my side, where the blurry figure sat , he looked shocked ; as though amazed that I am able to move. He ran quickly away, limping, and soon came back with a few others .

One of them used their phone ; I think they were calling 9-1-1. Now that I realized it, the pain grew and more ; spreading quickly like a disease throughout my body. I closed my eyes. With them closed, I felt more at peace. It was not painful whatsoever. I felt at rest, and I most definitely felt carefree. But something inside of me urged me to keep them open. But when I opened them, I realized that I was in my bedroom. Then... All of that - the accident was a dream.

I still felt the pain as I tried to get up. When looking closer, I realized 2 things; I was in the hospital - not my room, and that the man with the slink around his arm, was the same guy from the accident. Behind the sleeping man was my mother ; coming awake. I lay back down, and looked around the room once more, just thinking that that incident did really happen to me... .

Around me I saw balloons and vases full of different coloured flowers. I looked to the television that was turned on, and I saw the walkway to the school-- full with red; it looked as though a bucket of red paint. I began to read the caption ' Female and male sent to hospital after a horrific cycling incident ; Female said to be in critical co--'. I flipped to the next station with the remote by my bedside. ' A cycle along the streets gone wrong? I am here where a cycling collision sent 2 to hospital--'.

I fiddled with the remote; it switched to another news channel. 'Based upon the recent cycling incident that happened at OO road, officials are discussing to increase the age limit for mandatory helmet wearing. We bring you to the --' My hands were trembling as I shut off the remote and placed it back on the side table. Was the incident that big? --' Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

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