When Infinity Ends

Camp Sabalay had always been just another summer camp. A fun, but not life-changing and adventurous, but not dangerous place for teens. But at Camp Sabalay, year of 2014, weeks 2-3, everything will change.


2. Before

June 6, 2003

Funeral of Adriana and Bruno Pecha 

Naples, Italy



  I didn't know what had happened, just that my parents were in a better place now. At least that's what they said. My Mummy had told me that she was never happier than when she was with me, so how could she be in a better place if she wasn't happy? I asked them how, and they said that she was happy, that she was looking over me now, with Papa, and that they would always be with me in my heart. But when I looked up, I never saw my Mummy or Papa, and when I put my hand over my heart, it seemed much to small for my Mummy to fit. And even if she squeezed in reeaaallyy tight, I'm sure my Papa wouldn't be able to fit in there with her, and my Mummy and Papa always needed to be together. 

  They told me that I was going to a better place, too, a place called Canada. They showed me pictures of Canada, but all I saw were mountains and lakes and trees, mountains and lakes and trees. I thought, surely I wouldn't survive there, I would drown in one of the lakes, or get lost in the woods. They told me that it was safe there, that I wouldn't be hurt like Mummy and Papa had been, but even my 4-year-old-self knew that what had happened to Mummy and Papa could happen to me anywhere. I was never safe from my parents fate. 




***Authors Note***

Hey guys! Sorry this chapter was so short, It was kind of like a second prologue, I guess. And sorry if it sounded kind of un-sophisticated (is that a word?), it was supposed to be from a 4 year olds pound of view. The next chapter will be much longer, I promise!

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