Alora sent to the human realm as a child has no memory of her life as a Fae, Believed to be the one who can save them all she is sent back to her home only to find nothing is as it seems. Someone is trying to kill of the Fae monarch and rule the land themselves. With her new friends behind her can she come to terms with her destiny and be the person everyone needs her to be?


1. Chapter one

Queen Mandolin P.O.V

    Looking down at the small girl in front of me it was hard to believe what I was about to do, what needed to be done. Looking down at her grey eyes I knelt down to her level. Offering a small smile of encouragement I noticed tears filling in her eyes making the swirls of colors that hid in them be known. She was only six years old and yet she already had so much she needed to do.  

    "Are you ready dear?" I asked in a motherly tone. Nodding her head slowly making the small curls bounce she looked to the ground. She was afraid, truth be told, as was I. The Fate of the Realm is in her hands. She needed to be strong, to know things that the other Fae did not in order to succeed.

     Placing a hand on the small of her back she flinched away still feeling alone with the loss of her wings. All thou it did not hurt to take them out, the feeling of loss once they were taken was unimaginable  Our wings were a part of us, no doubt she would feel something missing until they return, Brushing my long brown hair out of my face I straitened her  white gown before standing up. We had picked a couple, their daughter was about to die, she was the same age as Alora, when the daughter died we will send Alora in to take their place. After replacing the memories of everyone she has met to make them not remember their old daughter but now remember Alora as their daughter. The only part that makes my heart uneasy is that Alora will no longer remember any of us; she will believe she is human until we send for her. Creating the portal I new it was time, placing either hand on the sides of her pale heart shaped face I reached into her thoughts creating new ones. Thinking to myself quietly, Holly and Ryan better take care of our little girl. Giving her a gentle push I sent her to the human realm, to her temporary home.

13 years later...

     Sighing I slammed my hand into the black alarm clock. Hiding my face into my green pillow I groaned in annoyance. Slowly getting out of the bed I sauntered to the bathroom to get ready for school.

       A Few moments later my grey eyes we lined in black eyeliner making the green and gold in my eyes pop. Throwing on a light blue tank top and some jeans I grabbed my back pack and off the door I went. Off to my sophomore year of college, fun.  I thought sarcastically to myself.

Walking into the building I was greeted by my best friend Alice. We were similar in looks, both with blond hair hers was lighter thou. She had stormy grey eyes wile mine had grey gold and green an unusual color combination that normally caused people to stare.

"Alice!" I exclaimed as she hugged me.       

"Alora, oh my gosh guess what??" She said with so much excitement it caused me to laugh.        

"What?" I managed to muster the same tone of excitement as she.

"I hear we have a new student."

"Really?" I questioned. We lived in a small town so any newcomers were normally a huge deal.

"Yeah I hear he is in our Lit class. Which we have first today. Come on!" she stammered excitedly. She was always quick to make new friends; I on the other hand preferred to keep to myself. Walking into our first class my heart stopped. I knew him. His shaggy black hair fell into his eyes; his eyes were a striking silver color that almost seemed to glow. His skin was untouched by sun and covered by a black shirt and jeans which was unusual in this southern heat. I looked over to Alice whose face was ash pale her eyes watering. The new kid looked at me with a smirk but then he saw Alice, his already pale skin was now as white as paper, standing up abruptly showing his lean but muscular figure he got up and ran out of the room.

"Alice?" I asked quietly. She held her small pale hands to her face shaking. Gently grabbing her by the arm I lead her out of the room. Whoever that guy was, Alice and he must already know one another. Some how, but how? And what did he do to upset her? His face was burned into my eyes. I know him, but how? Walking to my car I felt a sharp pain in my back, a since of longing filled me as I drove Alice back to my house.


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