Little Things

I would say that I'm pretty normal, well as normal as normal can get. I am so normal and so ordinary that people often forget my name in school. I don't think I'm pretty, I don't think I'm all that special. I don't have a thigh gap, I don't have a flat stomach, I have big feet, long legs I'm slightly above average height, dull features and I'm a size fourteen. Normal. Ordinary. I will always be ordinary to other people, but apparently to him I'm perfect. He say's it's the little things about me that makes him love me. However, no matter how happy he makes me feel, the hate from his fans will always get to me. There's only so much I can take before I break.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


I walked into the studio that Liam told me about yesterday, and when I walked in I was greeted with music. "I said: 'can I take you home with me?' And she said: 'not in your wildest dreams'" I stopped and watched the five boys danced and sang while a photographer took their picture. I was confused on why I was here now if they already had a photographer. I found a chair near the hair and makeup, I sat down next to a pretty brunette girl who had I smile on her face as she watched them. I took out my camera and got it ready I case I was really going to take pictures. I took a few test shots of the ground and of the boys and deleted them from my camera. I turned to the pretty girl next to me and, of course I had no control, took a picture of her laughing at something Louis did, I think. She heard the click and turned to me with a confused look and I looked down shyly.

"Did you just take my picture?" She asked a bit off handly. Either she was used to strangers taking her picture or she hated it when it was taken with out her knowledge,... Perhaps both.

"Yeah, sorry. I just, I have no control when I see a picture moment I have to take it. Uhm, you can look at it if you want. If you don't like it I'll delete it." I told her as I handed her my camera. She took it and looked at the picture and I saw a smile on her face.

"It's good. Lighting is perfect and so is the angle." She told me as she handed me back my camera.

"Thank you." I thanked her before looking down at my camera.

"Are you a new girlfriend?" She asked me with a friendly smile. I blinked and looked up over at her with confusing.


"Are you one of guys girlfriends?" She asked curiously. I shook my head.

"No, no. I'm Uhm... I don't know really. I only met them a week ago." I replied with a shrug.

"Oh, well I'm Eleanor." She smiled as she held her hand out to me. I smiled and took her hand.     

"Anna. It's nice to meet you." Eleanor and I talked for a bit longer, mainly about school. She told me how she went to Manchester and is studying sociology as politics. I told her I went to Kings College and I'm studying accounting. She made a funny face which I tried to not laugh at. "Why are you going into accounting when you're a photographer?" She asked me curiously. I shrugged.

"Photography is just a hobby of mine. In school I was the girl behind the camera that no one knew the name of. I was known as Katherine Paterson's friend. I was told to go into photo journalism but it isn't a sensible career so my dad told me to go into accounting when it was time for school so I decided on accounting." I explained to her. Eleanor nodded. Then there was silence between us, not really knowing what to talk about next.

"How did you meet the lads?" She asked turning me after a minute or two of silence.

"I was... Well I was looking for a new job in the newspaper and then I started taking pictures then I ended up taking Liam's picture and I had to get him to sign this slip for my photography class that says I have permission to use their photo and it kind of went from there." I told her.

"Oh.. What made you take Liam's photo?" She asked a bit... Nervously I think?

"His expression and his body language. He seemed so sad, so melancholic that if I didn't take the picture right then and there the emotion would be lost forever." I told her, looking at her. Her face was hard to read for a minute before she smiled.     

"Wow, so it wasn't because he's famous then? That's rare."

"I actually didn't know he was famous at the time." I confessed. Her blue eyes went wide with shock.  

"How? They're everywhere?!"

"Well I don't really have the time to enjoy in music and stuff. For me it's all work and school and no play." I answered with a shrug. Eleanor was about to say something but was interrupted by a yelp coming from her.

"Louis!" She exclaimed with a laugh.

"Hey babes." He greeted her with a smile. I pulled up my camera and took the picture of them looking at each other with smiles. Then Louis leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. After that I pulled the camera down and smiled. Louis looked up curiously then a grin broke out on his face. "ANNA BANANA! Hey Liam, Anna Banana is here!"

"Hi Louis." I waved.

"Hey, you made it." Liam greeted me as he walked up beside Louis.

"Yup, was a bit hard to find but I got here."

"Sorry if you were bored." He apologized and I shook my head.

"Nah, Eleanor is great company." I smiled, which she returned.

"Okay, Uhm the head photographer wants to talk to you." Liam told me. I turned to him and nodded. I looked at what he was wearing, it was different from what he was wearing before when I came in; before he was wearing simple jeans and a tight shirt with a plaid shirt over top. Now he had a more... Grungy look. Dark jeans, same white shirt but a leather jacket. Was this what he was going to be wearing for the next shoot? I turned to look over my shoulder and saw that the other boys wore similar outfits.

"What does the head photographer want to talk to me about?" I asked Liam quietly, and honestly I have to say I was nervous. What if they didn't like me? What if this was all just a joke and I got my hopes of having a new job only to be shot down? I mean it wouldn't be the first, it happened before  mainly with Katherine and one of her projects-she always found someone better than me to do most of them. Not that I really minded, I hated having attention drawn to me; it wasn't because I was shy or anything I just-well it isn't something that I'm used to so I tend to steer clear of mass attention.

"Oh, it's just to tell you about the equipment that they use, their vision, and to see your photos." he added the last part quickly, so quickly that I almost didn't hear him.

"What?!" I exclaimed. They wanted to see my work?! I didn't have anything prepaired! What was I supposed to do? I grabbed his arm and stopped him from walking- we were near the photographer and his assistants. "Why didn't you tell me that they needed to see my work! I-I don't have anything prepared! I could have had a whole portfolio made if I was given this information!" I hissed quietly.

"Don't worry about it, just show him the pictures on your camera." Liam told me. "I know you have pictures on there because I saw you take a photo of Eleanor. Just, don't worry about it. They just want to see that you aren't some person who says they are a photographer but just has simple photo's which I know you aren't."

"But what exactly will I be doing if they give me the okay?"

"You mean when they give you the okay."

"No, I mean if, it isn't guaranteed that I'll get the job, Liam."

"You will, don't worry alright?" I looked up at him and sighed. "Now, come on, before he forgets about you." Yeah... I'm pretty sure that in about five minutes he'll forget my name and what I was doing there- or maybe he would forget I was there at all! I mean, I don't really stand out much but then again I don't really try to either. So is it my fault that I don't get noticed? Is it my fault that I'm boring? ...Why yes, yes it is my fault. Well damn. Oh well, no use in changing that now. What is even the point of it anyway? It isn't like I'm going to end up finding love with in the next six months with some guy who thinks I'm the most beautiful person on the planet.

"Well, aren't you just the cutest thing on the planet." I was snapped out of my thoughts when I was faced with a tall, skinny man who had dark hair and glasses. Did he, did he read my mind? "Now, Liam tells me you're a talented young photographer?" I blink and wondered what exactly Liam told this man but I just shrugged.

"I guess so, it's a matter of opinion."

"Well, he thinks you are and if he thinks you are then you must be. Where do you study?" He asked me. How was I supposed to answer that? I don't study photography at school I'm just a member of The camera club in London.

"Uhm, I don't it. It's really just a hobby. I'm a part of a photography cub called the Camera Club, it's right here in London but I don't really take classes for it in school." I answered him. I received a weird look from him and I knew that I had just lost whatever job Liam pulled strings to get me. I feel horrible, he didn’t have to do this, and I didn’t know why he was doing this for me in the first place, but he did and now I just blew it! I was horrible, why did I have to be so boring?

“Oh, well I’m sure you have some photo with you?” He asked and I inwardly groaned. I narrowed my eyes at Liam who smiled back at me.

“Uhm, I have them on my camera…” I answered him while holding my camera. He nodded, holding his hand out for me to hand it to him. I put it in his hand and watched him look through the photo’s I had. I hadn’t deleted anything from the day I met Liam or at the concert so there were still the pictures that I took. I watched him, I still didn’t know his name, as he looked through all the photos on my camera with a blank expression and I grew nervous. What if he didn’t like them? What if he thought they were horrible and should never been seen again? What if this was actually all a joke that Liam pulled and brought everyone, including Eleanor, in on just to make me a laughing stock? My breathing started to become faster and I could feel my hands starting to shake, I was becoming nervous-more nervous than what I should be. The man stopped looking at my photos and handed my camera back to me, I took it back into my shaking hands and I held onto it tightly as if it was going to be ripped from me for being such a horrible photographer.

“You capture ‘In the moment’s don’t you?” The man asked me. I jumped and looked up at him.

“Uhm, yes I do.” I answered, I saw him smile and hand me a camera. It was really high tech, expensive, professional camera. I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams to be using one of these.

“Good, here you go. You have an hour to get as many photo’s as you can for the promo for Midnight Memories.” He told me and I nodded, coddling the camera with my hands. He gave me a smile and a pat on my shoulder as he walked by to his assistants to look at the pictures they just uploaded onto his laptop. I looked at Liam with wide eyes,  he had a smile on his face, arms crossed over his chest, he just looked smug.

“I told you, you had nothing to worry about.” I roll my eyes at him and shoved him lightly towards the backdrop which was changed to a skyline. “I’ll go tell the lads to get ready.” He nodded at me before headed over to where all the boys stood with Eleanor, and Louis who had his arms wrapped around her and his head resting on her shoulder. I smiled and brought up the camera to my eye to look through, then I pressed the capture button. I looked down at the photo and smiled, pleased with myself. I turned to the radio that was close to the door and turned it on and turning the volume up. I turned around and saw Harry and Niall started dancing ridiculously to the upbeat song that was coming from the speakers. I brought up my camera and snapped multiple pictures of them. Suddenly Louis joined them and jumped on Harry’s back, who ended up running around. Of course I acted quickly and kept taking pictures.

Liam sighed as he tried getting Louis off Harry and for them all to get in front of the back drop. He seemed like he was the serious one of them all, well Zayn seemed like a serious one to me but maybe that’s because he’s just quiet? Niall ran up and jumped on Zayn’s back who just laughed and started chasing Harry and Louis around, I continued taking pictures.

“So… this is your plan?” I looked up at who spoke and it was Eleanor. She stood next to me, watching the boys with a giant smile on her face. I gave her a confused look for a brief moment before going back to my camera. “You want to capture them as them unlike an actual photo shoot?” I nodded.

“Yeah, the song is called ‘Midnight Memories’ right?” I asked, and she nodded. “Well… why not take pictures of them being themselves and creating memories for a song about… memories?” I asked, looking up at her. She nodded and laughed at Louis who fell off Harry’s back and onto the floor. He was screaming out in pain and I took a picture of it, all the boys were laughing until Liam composed himself and made them get serious for the shoot. I heard the stereo change to a rap sounding song. I knew immediately, Katherine loved dancing to this song. Immediately Harry, Niall and Liam all looked at each other before they started dancing. I tried not laugh as I continued to take pictures of them. Louis and Zayn started laughing and soon joined them. I looked at Eleanor who hid her face in her hands and shook her head. I gave her a confused look.

“When you can, look up on YouTube, “Talk Dirty To Me One Direction” and you will understand.” She told me, and something told me that I really didn’t want to watch it but I’m sure my curiosity would get in the way. The hour passed pretty quickly, the boys were having fun and was getting the pictures that the head photographer wanted, who I still haven’t gotten his name. I turned off the music and they stopped immediately.

“Oi… why did you turn it off?” Harry asked with a pouty face.

“Hour’s up.” I shrugged. Liam groaned.

“I’m sorry Anna, I-“

“It’s fine.” I smiled at him before turning to head photographer who was still looking at the pictures he took earlier. “I finished.” I told him, holding out his camera. He looked up at me with frowned eyebrows, he took the camera and looked through a few of the photo’s before nodding. He reached over his assistant and pulled out a sticky a note and a pen.

“Name, number and address.” I looked at him confused. “I need some way to contact you again and to pay you.” He smiled.

“About that…” I started. “I’m being kicked out of my flat in a week and I haven’t found a place yet-not that I haven’t been looking because I have, I just haven’t found one in my price range yet.” I confessed to him, and he nodded.

“Well, name and number and as soon as you find a new flat call me and tell me.” He told me with a smile. I nodded and scribbled my information down on the sticky note for him. I handed it back to him with a big smile. I told him goodbye and I grabbed my bag from the floor by the stereo, I was about to leave when I heard Louis call for me.

“Anna, we were wondering if you wanted to come out to lunch with us.” Louis offered his arm around Eleanor’s shoulders.

“Oh, thank you for the offer but I uhm, I can’t.” I smiled politely at them before turning around.

“Why not?” Harry asked, looking up from his phone.

“I have to look for a new flat.” I answered truthfully.

“Why a new one?” Eleanor asked, elbowing Louis in the side after he tried to tickle her.

“My friend and her boyfriend are going to America for nine months…and well, they’re selling the flat, so that’s why I have to find a new one.” I answered awkwardly.

“Well, how come you haven’t found one yet?” Harry asked.

“I started looking a week ago, and it takes time looking for a flat and I only have a week left.”

“Not to sound rude or anything but, don’t you think you should have started a while ago?” Harry spoke up. I looked down awkwardly; my converse shoes were suddenly very interesting. “Ow? What? You lot were thinking it too! I mean, if she’s known she had to find a new flat why hadn’t she started earlier?”

“Shut it Harry. Maybe she had a reason not to start until a week ago? She worked and she goes to school.” Niall spoke.

“Katherine didn’t tell me until a week ago that she was leaving and that she’ll be leaving in two weeks.” I spoke up, I still hadn’t looked up from the ground.

“That’s awful, what friend does that?” Eleanor spoke up. I looked up and shrugged.

“So, yeah. I think I’m going to go now, flat hunting and… stuff. It was nice meeting you Eleanor, and it was nice seeing you guys again.” I smiled at them before I walked out of the room. I sighed and leaned up against the wall. I didn’t want them feeling sorry for me and my boring life, I mean Katherine is Katherine and I’m used to her and her personality. She doesn’t act like it but she really is a nice and caring person. She was always there for me when I needed her. Like when Bobby Harper ‘fake dated’ me in year nine just for laughs. She humiliated him. Then there was the time when my parents were fighting and I was scared to go home so she let me stay her house for a few days. Then there was the time when that I really wanted to enter this photography competition a year ago but I didn’t have the money to send in a photo and she pitched in the money I needed just so I could enter. I didn’t win but I got an honorable mention and a free book that had my photo was published in. Katherine is just… a spoiled person a lot of the time. She’s an only child, and came from a well off family. So she was used to the attention. I don’t blame her for being a little upset when someone else is getting a bit more attention than her, she isn’t someone who likes change.

I was about to leave when I heard them talking in the room, so my curiosity got the better of me and I stayed and listened.

“Is her friend really that mean?” I heard Eleanor speak up, she sounded a bit… put off?

“Yeah, we met her at the small concert last week. I mean, she seemed nice at first but, the way she treated Anna just wasn’t right. Like, when Liam asked why Anna wasn’t going to be in the picture her friend just said that Anna doesn’t like to be in pictures, which she prefers to take them.” That was… Harry I think? Or was it Zayn? I think it was Harry.

“Yeah, and all those mean looks she gave Anna, especially when all of us were having fun and talking to her and on twitter.” Niall spoke up.

“Not to mention she also tried to rush Anna out and she seemed all mad when I said I would take Anna out when I was finished talking to her. I even talked to Anna about it, but she stuck up for her friend.” That was Liam.

“Doesn’t she have any other friends?” Eleanor asked, it was almost like she was sad.

“I don’t think so… that Max guy seemed cool though, like he seemed like he actually liked Anna and seemed like he was used to uhn, what was her name? Katherine?” Louis spoke up. “I think he may be her friend but he was also Katherine’s boyfriend so… and he’s leaving too apparently.”

“Yeah, that’s why I got Anna this job, not only did Nate need a new part-time photographer but also because she needed it. I’m pretty sure the day I met her she lost her job-“

“That explains why she had a newspaper and the ‘Help Wanted’ section was open.” Harry spoke up.

“Yeah. Katherine literally told her the night of the concert that she was leaving for nine months. She needs a new place to stay and I’m pretty sure that she won’t be able to find a decent place to stay without much money.” That was Liam again.

“Who does that? And with only a two week notice?” That was Zayn, I’m sure of it.

“I don’t know, I mean… if I had a friend like Anna I would probably forget to tell her but I wouldn’t wait to the last minute.” That was Louis.

“What do you mean ‘like Anna’?” Eleanor asked, a bit angry, or offended that Louis would put it that way.

“Like,… I don’t know how to put it nicely but…”

“She’s boring.” Harry spoke up bluntly. I looked down at my feet. Great…even they thought I was boring. Liam was probably being nice and said that he didn’t think I was.

“Okay she isn’t boring-“ Liam spoke up.

“No, she is. You know she is. I mean, if you were to walk past her on the street would you notice her or give a second look?” Harry spoke up. “Any of you?” there was a long silence. “Exactly. She’s boring. Don’t get me wrong, she seems like a sweet and nice girl, she really does but… she kind of blends in.”

“I don’t really think it’s her choice though, Haz.” Louis, I was certain that was him. He has a distinct voice.

“Lou’s probably right. I mean, did you see Katherine? She was model gorgeous and next to Anna, I think anyone would ignore her.” That was Niall. Thanks Niall, way to make me feel better about myself. “Hey, I’m being honest. It isn’t that Anna isn’t a pretty girl because she is, but…compared to Katherine, it’s no wonder people really take notice to her. It’s like Anna is living in Kathrine’s shadow.”

“El, where are you going?” Louis spoke up after a moment of silence.

“I’m going to see if I can catch up with Anna.” Eleanor retorted. I quickly began running down the hall, I didn’t want her know that I was standing outside the door listening to everything they were just saying. Now, let me just say I am not the most graceful person on the planet, not like Katherine who could walk in six inch heals on the side of the curb and not lose balance.  So naturally I ended up tripping and falling to the ground face first. "Oh my goodness Anna are you alright?" I heard Eleanor ask me from down the hall. I started to stand up and I nodded as she stopped in front of me.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine don't worry this happens a lot. " I confessed to her. I heard her laugh a little, I couldn’t tell if it was at me or if it was because she thought that what I said about my self was funny? Eleanor seems nice so I doubt she was laughing at me.

"Well I wanted to tell you that if you want you can move into my flat with me. It is a bit lonely with just me there, the rent isn't much so I'm sure that no matter what you get for when you get a job, it will be enough." Needless to say, I was shocked. I honestly did not expect this, and I wondered why she was being so nice to me when she only met me today.

"Why?" I asked her. She gave me a confused look, as if she didn't understand why I was questioning her. "Why are you being so nice? It really is nice of you I just don't understand." All Eleanor did was smile at me.

"Because Anna, the guys obviously like you, and because I like you already and I think you deserve another friend that wants to help you, if you would let me I want to be that friend." Eleanor smiled at me and I felt myself smiling too. I nodded.

"Okay." In told her simply, her smile got bigger as she hugged me. I was shocked at first, I wasn't used to people hugging me, Katherine didn't even hug me often nor did my family when I saw them. I hugged her back and a moment later she pulled away, a big smile still on her face.

"Now you can come out to lunch with us all!" Eleanor exclaimed. Wait, what? She must have seen my confused expression because she started talking again. "You said you couldn't go out for lunch with us because you had to go flat searching, well now you dont have to go flat searching so you can come out to lunch with us." Eleanor explained with a big, and friendly, smile.

I sighed, I knew now that I couldn't come up with a legitimate excuse as to why I couldn't go out to lunch with her and the boys, I mean before if I was honestly not busy I would have accepted their proposal for lunch but because I just had to be nosy, I don't really know how I'm supposed to act around them. Now that I knew that they thought I was boring, ordinary, basically a white wall that you pass every day, how could I possibly be able to sit down and have lunch with them? They were all a character, they were the group of people that you saw in school and wish you had friends like that, at least at one point I did wish to have friends like that. However, I knew it wouldn't happen so I gave up after my first three months of high school. I knew Katherine was always going to be my bestfriend, and for a while I was sure she was going to be my only friend until she met Max. Now, though as I kepot thinking about what has happened in the past week and for the past couple of hours, maybe I don't need to be dependent on Katherine and Max anymore. Here I was, a girl who hardly ever went out of her way to make friends, just got a new friend with out even trying and with just being me. Granted, I'm sure she's doing this because she probably feels bad for me but honestly, I don't think I care. I will survive the next nine months with out Katherine and Max, I'll miss them of course but maybe...just maybe it won't be all that bad?

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