Little Things

I would say that I'm pretty normal, well as normal as normal can get. I am so normal and so ordinary that people often forget my name in school. I don't think I'm pretty, I don't think I'm all that special. I don't have a thigh gap, I don't have a flat stomach, I have big feet, long legs I'm slightly above average height, dull features and I'm a size fourteen. Normal. Ordinary. I will always be ordinary to other people, but apparently to him I'm perfect. He say's it's the little things about me that makes him love me. However, no matter how happy he makes me feel, the hate from his fans will always get to me. There's only so much I can take before I break.


1. Chapter One


            I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile. You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I’ll love them endlessly. The lyrics to some song, which was on a mix CD that Katherine gave me for my birthday, blared from my TV. I sighed as stood there in my room listening to the song and smiling. I couldn’t help but relate to the song, if I didn’t know better I would think that it was written about me for me. However I do know better and just enjoy the song and the meaning behind it. It was a beautiful song and I can see why Katherine put it on the CD.

            “And that was Little Things by One Direction.” Katherine’s voice came from my TV speakers. “I chose it because you’re my best friend and you deserve to have some guy serenade you to this song.” I laughed lightly as another song began playing. This is something Katherine always did for me for a “birthmas” present. She thinks it’ll boost up my self-esteem more so I can be more social but what she didn’t understand was that I was perfectly fine the way I am. Sitting on my bed I picked up a picture of the two of us hugging, it was taken this past summer by her boyfriend. Katherine was a dark haired beauty with beautiful chocolate like skin, she had the perfect hair, perfect smile, and perfect clothes that complimented everything about her. Size two, size eight shoe, five foot and five inches. She was the package of perfect exotic like beauty. Then there was me… Pale skin, freckles that ran across my cheeks and nose, I had freckles everywhere but they weren’t obnoxious thank God. Eyes that couldn’t decide what color they wanted to be half the time, hair that was so frizzy and thick that I didn’t do anything for it, it was plain too; like that color that no one really likes but says they do? Yeah that was me. Putting the picture back down I grabbed my camera bag, which was also my purse since I put everything in there, and I walked out of my room.

            I lived in London with Katherine and her boyfriend, who by the way is probably the sweetest guy on Earth. He buys her flowers once a month, takes her to dinner and a movie every two weeks and he puts up with me. Well he doesn’t put up with  me, he actually enjoys hanging out with me when I’m with Katherine, we’ve even hung out on our own when she’s working. This was one of her rules for a guy, they had to like me and we had to get along. We didn’t have to be friends but to at least get along. Max, her boyfriend, and I clicked right away when we first met at dinner with my brother. He is apparently studying music at Kings College, the school that Katherine and I are also attending, and he wants to be a music teacher. He loves kids and so does Katherine, who wants to be a pediatric doctor, and after the whole night of talking Max and I connected and became friends. We aren’t the best of friends as Katherine and I but we do like to go to gigs whereas Katherine likes going to big concerts. Polar opposites but still there was a connection there. Sometimes I longed for one day to have what they have but I knew it wouldn’t happen; I was too focused on my jobs and courses to try and have a relationship. I wanted one but I didn’t have the time.

            I walked into the Starbucks where I worked, I enjoyed working here. I loved the smell of coffee and tea, especially the tea, and it gave me my social interaction for the day. “Anna!” I turned and saw Cliff, the manager. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” He asked in a serious voice. I nodded. I wasn’t nervous; maybe I’m finally getting that promotion that Sarah was talking about. All the customers enjoy talking to me while I make their drinks and I’ve seen some of the comments in the comment box they leave and they’re always happy to see me working when they come in. Being assistant manager would make things a whole lot easier. I walked into his office and he motioned for me to sit in the chair in front of him. “How are you Anna?” he asked with a small smile.

            “Pretty good, and how are you sir?” I asked in return. He nodded and sighed, leaning forward and putting his hands on his small desk.

            “I’m sorry that I have to do this, this close to Christmas but… I’m going to have to let you go Anna.” He told me seriously. I thought I heard my heart break and I felt my stomach sink low. I was…I was being fired! “I mean, you’re a nice girl people enjoy seeing you but… you don’t really… how should I word this without sounding like a prat.” He took a deep breath. “You don’t exactly fit in here. You keep to yourself a lot and you’re… you’re just really boring. Not saying that’s a bad thing but, Anna you have to admit, you’re pretty much ordinary and it’s a bore. People don’t want to talk to boring people, they want to talk to people that are happy all the time, you’re a nice girl- a really sweet girl but.. really boring.” He told me. I sat there with my bag on my lap and I stared at him. I was upset, I was just fired and I’ve only been working here for three months! At least this job lasted longer than the secretary one I had at some lawyer firm. “Are you alright?” Cliff asked and I nodded. “You know, when you get another job I will put in the best recommendation I possibly can. You know that right?” He asked, I could tell he was honestly sorry for letting me go but I understood that it was for the best. I nodded and gave him a smile.

            “Thanks for the time, Cliff.” I stood up and walked out. I saw Sarah and gave her a kind smile and a wave before stepping out of the coffee shop. Well, now that I don’t have a job, what can I do? I walked down the busy London streets and paid a pound for the Ealing Gazzette. I walked to a nice little café and sat at an outside table. Taking out a pen from my bag I started looking for a new job but after twenty minutes I grew bored. I took out my camera and began taking random pictures of things. The cars driving by, the shops, people passing by; then something caught my eye, it was a boy who had a forlorn look on his face. Zooming in, I waited for the camera to focus solely on him before clicking the camera five times. I pulled the camera away and looked at him from where I sat. He was sitting at a bench across the street and he looked so sad. I dug into my bag and fished out a piece of paper, and a pen. Grabbing all of my things, my camera around my neck, I rushed across the street and stood in front of the sad young man.

            “Uhm, excuse me.” I spoke up in a shy voice. “I was wondering if you could sign this please?-“ He looked up at me with a really annoyed expression. “I mean, you don’t really have too. It’s just a permission slip, contract thing for my photography class. You see if we take pictures of someone we have to get their signature so we can have their permission if we were to ever use that picture in a gallery or for an assignment.” I explained to him. He still had an annoyed expression, that mixed with his pervious sad one but he nodded and took the piece of paper and pen from my hands and signed his name. He handed it back and I saw his name: Liam Payne. “Thank you, Liam Payne.” I smiled as I thanked him. I was about to walk off but I stopped. Looking back at him he had his head in his hands and he just looked…. So sad. I walked back and sat next to him. “Are you alright?” I asked him kindly. “I mean, I know I’ve just…sort of not just met you but… if you want to talk about it then I’m here to listen. Perhaps talking to a complete stranger about things is better since you know they won’t be biased in their opinions and advice.” I told him. He looked back up at me, his eyebrows frowned and his eyes were narrowed at me. He was glaring at me.

            “I’m sure you’ll hear all about it on Twitter within the hour, or see it on the telly tonight or a magazine tomorrow.” He snapped.

            “Why would I do that? I don’t think I understand what you’re talking about.” I confessed and he looked at me with confusion.

            “Do you…not recognize my name?” He asked wearily. I looked at him for a few minutes, it was silent between us, and thought. I tried to think of someone named Liam Payne but nothing.

            “Nope, not unless you’re in one my courses at school.” I answered him honestly. “You don’t really look familiar nor does your name ring a bell to me.” This only confused him more. “Okay, if you don’t want to talk to a girl you don’t know that’s fine.” I shot my hand out. “I’m Anna Dawson. I like photography, reading, and I’m majoring in accounting at Kings College here in London. I’m from a dinky town called Thetford. I have a brother named John, a sister named Harriet and I live with my best friend and her boyfriend.” Liam gave me a look that almost made me laugh. “See, I’m not a stranger anymore. You know my name and a bit about me.” He took my hand and shook it, with a small smile.

            “Liam Payne, I love to sing, I’m from Wolverhampton, I have two sisters, a dog. I love Disney movies and my favorite movie is Toy Story.” I smiled brightly at him. He let go of my hand and gripped my bag again.

            “So, what’s eating at you? You look so sad.”

            “My girlfriend just broke up with me.” He replied in a quiet voice. “Apparently she can’t handle my busy life.”

            “I’m sorry… How long were you two together?”

            “A few months. But, she’s a childhood crush so…” He didn’t finish the sentence. I nodded, understanding there really wasn’t anything else to say. 

            “I’m really sorry… well I can’t say I understand because I don’t, and not to seem a bit… blunt but… if she honest to God liked you…or even loved you she would have stuck with you no matter how busy you may be.” I told him. He looked up at me, a bit angry but took a deep breath before nodding.

            “What about you? Do you have any bad break ups?” He asked randomly. I blinked, how was I supposed to answer this without sounding like a loser?

            “Uhm…no I don’t. Never really had a break up for it to be bad; though my best friend Katherine has loads of bad break up stories. I could tell ‘em off for you. Like this one time in year eight this guy named Robbie in our English class took smarites-she hates smarties by the way- and wrote: ‘We’re done’ on the lunch table where we used to sit. They were ‘dating’ for five months and it was exam time.” I told him. He started laughing.

            “That is utterly horrible, I shouldn’t be laughing at  your friends expense, but… shit.” He laughed, and I joined in too.

            “Yeah, it was pretty funny now that we look back but at the time she was devastated. Then there was this time in year ten the Mattie started playing the guitar and sang ‘Cry Me A River’ in front of everyone.”

            “Ouch. That..that’s horrible. He’s a prick.” Liam replied, his laughter stopped and I nodded.

            “Yes, yes he was. He didn’t particularly like me either and hated the fact that Katherine and I did almost everything together so it was a good riddance for him then.” I looked back down at my camera shyly. I didn’t know what else to say after that because Liam didn’t really say anything either. I started to flip through the pictures and I studied the five that I took of him. “Do you want to see the pictures of you?” I asked at random, looking up at him, but he was already looking at me which I thought was a bit strange. He blinked and nodded.

            “Er…yeah sure.” He answered. I smiled brightly and scooted closer to him to show him the small screen on my Fujifilm X-E1. He took my camera and looked at all five intently, going back and forth through all of them for a few minutes. His brows frowned and there were creaces on his forehead. I started to hold my breath, unable to read his expression, did he like them? Did he think I was a horrid photographer? I couldn’t tell.

            “These…are…” he started then looked up while shaking his head lightly. “These are great, I mean I can only see on this small screen but… wow. You’re really good. You, you captured me perfectly. I mean, most photographers I meet for shoots can’t even capture me this well.” He complimented me. I blushed and took back my camera when he handed it back to me.

            “Thank you. You’re the third person to tell me that.”

            “Third? Only?” He asked a bit surprised. I nodded.

            “Yeah.. Katherine was the first and then Max, her current boyfriend.”

            “What about your boyfriend? Doesn’t he think that your photography is nice?” I wanted to laugh when he asked that.

            “I uhm..I don’t have a boyfriend.” I muttered embarrassed by my confession.


            “Yeah…” It was awkward from there. We sat in an awkward silence. I held my camera up and looked at him again. He was staring at the passing cars. I pressed the capture button a few times which caught his attention. I kept pushing the button as he looked over at me and started smiling, which was contagious because I started too.

            “Do I need to sign another permission slip for those?” He asked with a laugh.

            “Nah, I got one slip signed that’s all I need. Most people in my class use the same people for models all the time so only one slip is needed per person.” I explained and he nodded.

            “Can I see those?” He asked. I blinked and nodded, holding the camera in between us and flipped through the twenty-something pictures that were taken of him. “These are so different from the first ones…” he muttered in awe.

            “You can’t even tell you were previously sad.” I stated. He looked at me and I looked at him, we smiled at each other.

            “I’m glad you took my picture, Anna.” My brows frowned at his confession. “I was worried I would be in a horrid mood for the rest of the day but you got it fade a bit. Thank you.” I blushed and looked down, my smile growing.

           “It’s no problem.” I replied. It was silent between us for a few minutes until I heard four people call out to Liam. Both of us looked up across the street, there were four boys sitting at the table I was previously at, one had the newspaper in hand and was looking like he was reading it but he wasn’t because he was calling out for Liam. “Are they your friends?” I asked him, turning to him. He nodded and stood up. I stood up as well, I wanted my newspaper back, I don’t have an extra pound to pay for a new one.

            “Do you, want to meet them?” He asked a bit nervously. Oh, he probably thought I did since I got up with him.

            “Uhm…if you want me too? One of them has my newspaper that I left there…” I replied simply.

            “Come on.” He smiled at me. The two of us waited until there was no cars that were close and we ran across the street. “Hey lads, what are you all doing here?” Liam asked when we got to the other side. The curly haired one shrugged, he was the one with my newspaper.

            “We were walkin’ round mate then got hungry. Tommo went to order food then I saw you across the street.” The one with my newspaper spoke up, looking up at us. “Whoever left this newspaper here was looking for some jobs, they obviously didn’t care if they left it here.” He spoke up. I looked down nervously.

            “That uhm, would be Anna’s newspaper. She forgot to grab it before uhm… talking to me.” Liam spoke up for me. I shuffled my feet and bit my bottom lip nervously. I wasn’t a shy person, I just… wasn’t comfortable around a group of new people.

            “Whofs Annah?” Asked the blonde, who had just stuffed a handful of chips in his mouth, I think he was Irish, but with his voice muffled I couldn’t tell.

            “This, is… Anna.” Liam introduced me. I looked up and smiled, giving them a shy wave.

            “Oh, well hi there Anna, I’m Harry and this is yours.” The curly haired one introduced himself as he handed me my newspaper.

            “I’m Louis, or Tommo.” A boy who wore a jean jacket and white shirt, he was seated next to Harry at the table.

            “Zayn.” Said the dark mysterious one.

            “Niall.” Said the boy who previously had his mouth full of chips, yes I was right. He was Irish.


            “So Anna, you a fan?” Harry asked boldly. The other three looked at me. I was really confused on what they were talking about.

            “A fan…of what?”

            “Of us?” I looked at Harry confused and turned to Liam who was waving his hand in a stop motion. I gave him a weird look, obviously confused. What were they talking about? Were they some kind of popular people or something?

            “Don’t worry about it Anna, Harry just likes to think that we’re these super cool people that everyone loves.” Liam told me quickly. I nodded and smiled. I had a feeling that he was lying but I wasn’t going to push it, he’ll tell me if he wants to, when he wants to. Well, that is if we talk to each other again, which I doubt it because well, I’m not a very memorable person. If it wasn’t for Katherine people wouldn’t have known my name in school, well actually they wouldn’t know who I was in general, most of them called me Katherine’s friend.

            “Oh, okay.” I nodded again. I looked down at my camera. I turned around and brought my camera to my eyes, looking through it to see if I could find a good picture but as I turned I saw Liam’s profile, smiling as he was telling the boys something- I tuned them out- and with out thinking I pushed down the capture button. The click sound caught their attention. Liam looked at me and gave me a half smile.

           “You took my picture again didn’t you?” he asked me, chuckling. I blushed and looked down. I couldn’t help it, he was so easy to take pictures of, my camera loved capturing him. Yes, I think my camera has a mind of it’s own, I can’t control it, I just guide it in the right direction but it has it’s own mind. I know it seems weird but, it makes sense to me; it’s like when writers talk about their characters as if they’re real people with their own thoughts, feelings and minds of their owns. They can’t control them, they just record their life; my camera is like my character, he has a mind of his own.

            “So, why are you taking Liam’s picture?” Louis asked, confused.

            “I don’t know.” I answered him simply. It was true; I didn’t really know why I kept taking pictures of him. “My camera just wants to take his picture I guess.” All five boys looked at me as if I was crazy. Well, darn, I shouldn’t have said that my camera had a mind of its own. Oh well, it isn’t like I’ll be seeing any of them again anytime soon. Harry was about to answer a question when two phones went off, one of them was mine. I reached into my bag to grab my phone, and before I answered I heard Liam answer his phone.

            “Hey.” I answered, I didn’t even bother to look at who it was, I only have six contacts in my phone. Mom, Dad, John, Harriet, Katherine and Max.

            “So guess what.” It was Max.

            “Chicken butt?” I asked dully. I heard a few of the boys start laughing at me and  Louis, I think it was him, say something about how I said butt.

            “Hur hur, you’re funny.” Oh, Max is in love with Jennifer Lawrence, so he often quotes her. It’s amazing that Katherine isn’t jealous, then again Katherine has said time and time again if she was a lesbian she would totally go after Jennifer. “No, seriously guess what.”

            “I don’t know, Max. Just tell me.”

            “So my friend Brendon’s sister was this huge, and I mean like huge One Direction fan, hence I said was. Well, she and her friend got over them pretty quickly and well, he didn’t want to go so he gave me three VIP, front row seats with back stage passes. Like, seriously he gave them to me. Then again he did own me a lot of quid for the show’s I got him in, and a few like… hundred favors so this is paying them all back. So, I’m taking you and Katherine to the show tonight. You need to get here now to get ready. Arena opens in three hours, show starts in five. Meaning, we gotta get there in like two hours to get back stage and meet the band.” I blinked. One Direction? Who are they? Oh…right, they sang that song on the mix CD Katherine gave me, I listened to it this morning.

            “…Max.” I sighed. “I’ve told you not to drag me to concerts of people I’ve never heard of.”

            “How could you have not heard of One Direction!? They are the biggest pop sensation since N*Sync and the Backstreet boys, actually they’re more popular than them and Justin Bieber put together. Come on now, get with the times.”

            “I mean, I’ve heard one of their songs but that doesn’t mean I know who they are.”

            “Ugh, what ever. Hey, just come back to the flat like, now, so Katherine can pick out what you’re going to wear.”

            “You mean I pick out what I wear and Katherine gives me advice but really just gives me something totally different?”

            “Yeah, that. Now, come. Home. Now.” With that Max hung up and I sighed.

            “You said butt.” Louis was still laughing. I rolled my eyes.

            “Hey, look sorry I have to go. My friends boyfriend is dragging us to some concert tonight.” I shrugged as I put my camera in my bag.

            “Nah, it’s alright. The five of us have to go and get ready for… the uhm show we’re in.” Liam answered.

            “It was nice meeting you, and you guys too! I’ll uhm…see you guys around.” I shrugged as I started walking in the opposite direction of where we were. The walk home wasn’t all that long, just about a thirty minute walks which wasn’t, and honestly, that bad either. It let me lose some weight- not that it helped any really-. I walked through the door and was grabbed by Katherine into my room.

            “Okay, get changed into that, and when you’re done I’ll start doing your hair… where have you been? Outside all day, this looks like a disaster.” Katherine tsked and I laughed.


            “Why were you outside all day?”

            “Well..” I paused. I didn’t really want to tell Katherine that I lost my job again… but I had too. “I was uhm….kind of sacked again today.”

            “Again!? Diana Rose Dawson!” Katherine scolded. I sighed. I hated when she used my full name, I hated the name Diana, it was so… bleh. “That is the fifth job this year that you got sacked from!?”

            “I know, I know! I’m finding a new job now.” I assured her, she sighed and walked out of my room.

            “Hurry up and get dressed.” She told me. I nodded and looked at what she found for me to wear. Ugh, skinny jeans? Really Katherine, I’m not skinny I’m actually fat compared to the average size. Size fourteen is not skinny therefore I shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans. Ugh. At least the shirt isn’t bad, it’s one of my favorites. I sighed as I got changed and put on my black converse. Grey skinny jeans, a plain black v-neck t-shirt with the back is laced. I looked in the mirror, I  looked decent that’s good. “You ready yet Anna?”


            “Good!” In came Katherine with the straightener. I sat down on my bed as she got up behind me and started straightening my hair. I didn’t mind her straightening my hair, I actually liked it when she did, it just took forever. At least to me it took forever. “So, I have something I need to tell you.” Katherine spoke up seriously. Uh oh… I didn’t like the tone in her voice.


            “Well you see, Max and I-“ Oh god, are they getting married? Do they want to live on their own?! Am I being kicked out?! I have nowhere to go! “We uhm signed up for this study abroad program, we didn’t think we would get in since it’s so popular but two people dropped out or weren’t qualified or something and well… we were next on the waiting list so…we’re going to America for nine months! Isn’t that great!?” …she’s…they’re…they’re leaving! They’re leaving me!?  “I mean, not great for you since you’ll…still be here.”

            “Katherine…I-I can’t pay the rent for nine months! Even working at the Starbucks I made enough to cover my part of the rent!” I exclaimed.

            “I know, I know! Which is why…we’re also selling the flat.” I yanked away from her, she was only a fourth of the way done with my hair.

            “You’re selling the flat!? Katherine! I live her too! Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I could have been looking for a new place to live!”

            “Well… it kind of slipped my mind until Max reminded me a few minutes ago.” I glared at her. I wanted to scream and throw something. I wanted to cry! I was going be thrown out of my own flat because my best friend forgot to tell me she was leaving for nine months and selling the flat. “I’m so sorry Anna. Look, we don’t leave for another two weeks-“

            “TWO WEEKS!?” I shouted. “You won’t even be here for birthmas!” I shouted. Yeah, birthmas is a thing she created when we were five. I have the unfortunate luck of being born on Christmas, and my family often forgot about my birthday so Katherine called it birthmas.

            “I know! I’m so sorry. They want us to fly out as soon as term ends that way we can be situated in our new dorms and find our way around campus and things. I am so sorry Anna, please, please forgive me.”

            “What am I supposed to do for nine months? I have nowhere to go!”

            “Look,  I don’t know! Maybe live with your brother? I’m sorry Anna but for once stop being so selfish!”

            “I’m being selfish! I’m not the one who tells their best friend two weeks before they leave that they’re leaving for nine months and that they’re selling the flat!”

            “Okay, girls, I know that right now you two are having your monthly fight-“ Max entered my room with a sigh. “But we really have to get to the arena now, or else we’ll miss our chance at meeting them before they have to warm up. So can we go please?”

            “But I didn’t finish Anna’s hair!”

            “Forget about her hair, it’ll be messed up soon anyway.” Max rolled his eyes. She huffed and tugged the blog out of the outlet.

            The drive to the arena was quiet. Max drove, Katherine in the front seat, and I’m in the back seat behind her. Normal. Once we finally found parking we got out of the car, Max handed Katherine and I our tickets, and our backstage lanyards. The three of us headed towards the back of the arena where we showed the passes to the security. After five minutes of inspecting them they let us through.

            “Okay, you two, act cool and don’t get over excited okay? I’m sure these guys are pretty sick of meeting over obsessed fans who treat them like Gods when they aren’t being official.” Max told us. I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t going to treat them any different seeing as I have no actual idea who they are!

            “Okay, you three come on. You have three hours before the show. You can talk to the boys, get pictures, autographs if you wish but don’t bother them the whole time, they do have to prepare for the show tonight.” A tall man told us. We nodded then he opened up a door and the three of us walked in. “Boys, your three backstagers are here.” I walked around Max and I thought my heart stopped for a minute. In front of me were five, very familiar faces, faces that belonged to the five boys I met today.

            “Anna?” Liam asked, confused.

            “ANNA BANANA!” Louis shouted as he ran over to me and eloped me into his arms, hugging me tightly. Uhm….he just met me about an hour or two ago?! “I hope you don’t mind me calling you Anna Banana.” He laughed as he set me down on my feet. I blinked, I was completely dumbfounded in the current situation I was in. I looked over at Max and Katherine who had flabbergasted expressions, wide eyed, mouths open wide.

           “What the hell?!” They both exclaimed in unison. “You know them already?!” Katherine exclaimed. I shrugged.

            “I guess so.”

            “You guess so?”  Max spoke up. “Anna, you said you didn’t know who One Direction was!?”

            “And I didn’t…until…now.”

            “Just…just how?!” Katherine questioned me.

            “We met earlier today. Anna took my picture and asked me to sign this permission slip saying I give my consent for her to use her photograph of me. We, kind of started talking from there.” Liam stepped in. I looked over at him and smiled.

            “Anna, what have I said about taking pictures of random people?! That is rude and an invasion of privacy!” Katherine scolded me. I looked to the floor and shrugged. “I’m sorry she bothered you earlier today. She can be like that when she gets wrapped up in her little photography hobby.” I wanted to butt in and say that my photography wasn’t just a hobby, but Katherine and I were already on thin ice tonight.

            “Nah, it’s alright. She was nice to talk to, refreshing actually. It’s nice to talk to someone normally without having to worry about autographs and asked to get your picture taken with them. Although I have to admit when you first asked me to sign your slip I almost said no because of what had just happened.” Liam told me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

            “I’m sorry…I should have waited until you didn’t look so sad to ask you. If I had known who you were, I wouldn’t have even asked yo-“

            “Don’t worry about it Anna.” He smiled at me, and I smiled back. I looked back at Max and Katherine and my smile dropped. Max was just confused but a smile still played on his face, Katherine on the other hand was glaring at me with her arms crossed. I felt like a five year old being scolded for eating a cookie before dinner. Why was Katherine so mad at me? I mean I know lately in general we’ve been on edge, but honestly, it’s never been like this and it was starting to hurt. Maybe her going off for nine months was a good thing, we’ll get some time apart and when she comes back we’ll catch up and be the best of friends again. “Do you guys want some pictures?” Liam asked, Max and Katherine nodded, smiles coming on Katherine’s face. Did…did Katherine have a thing for a One Direction boy? But she has Max. I looked at Max and he looked back, he gave me a shrug and a knowing look. I sighed. Oh Katherine. Katherine was this way when she met Tom Hiddleston at some play she dragged me to. Then again, Katherine has always been a starlet, she always got the leads in plays the solo’s in choir, she was the it girl growing up and everyone wanted to be friends with her. Whatever made her be friends with me I would never know.

            Taking out my camera I let Max get between Niall and Harry with Katherine between him and Zayn. Louis was on the other side of Zayn and Liam on the other side of Niall. I stepped back and was about to click the capture button before Liam spoke up.

            “Aren’t you getting into the picture?”  He asked. I was about to answer before Katherine beat me to it.

            “She isn’t one to be in pictures, she prefers to take them then to actually be in them.”


            “Hey, take a pic with your phone too okay?” Katherine told me. I nodded. I took a step back and pushed the capture button a couple of times before I took my phone and did the same thing. I smiled and gave a thumbs up. Then the security guy came by and took my phone and camera. I was about to protest but he stopped me.

            “Go on, get in there.” He smiled. I looked down and nodded. I went to walk to Katherine, who rolled her eyes at me but Liam grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him. He put his arm around my shoulders. “Ready?” I  looked at the guy and smiled. The camera went off a few times and then he switched to my phone, taking a couple pictures I presume before he handed him out to me. I scampered over to him and thanked him. “No problem girly.”

            “Cheers, Paul.” Harry high fived the man, who I believe is Paul.

            “Anna, send those to me!” Katherine told me as she held onto my shoulders. I took the five pictures (three of me with them and two of me without them) and texted them to Anna. I heard her squeal before she started tapping on her phone. With in two minutes my phone buzzed. A Twitter notification.

@KatKits92: Just met @onedirection with my love @2dahMax . Of course @Die_Anna took the pic

            Sighing I retweeted it. I only had two followers, and I only followed two people. I had a total of twenty tweets. I don’t use it often, I don’t have a reason too.

            “I didn’t know you had a twitter.” Liam said from beside me.

            “Yeah, don’t really use it.” I admitted.

            “What’s your twitter?” he asked. I blinked, why was he asking me that?

            “Uhm… Die, as in… you’re going to die, that underscore thingy and Anna.” I told him. He looked at me weird. “It’s an inside joke. In year ten we did a school play and I played this character Anna Feebly and the first line was: ‘Die Anna!’ and I was stabbed. Katherine also finds it funny because my actual name is Diana but, I hate that name so I go by Anna and I am now going on and on.” I took a breath, Liam started laughing. My phone buzzed and I looked down and saw a twitter notification. @Real_Liam_Payne is now following you! I looked at him with frowned eyebrows.

            “Now you have three followers.” He told me with a smile then held up his phone facing us. I looked at it then at him weirdly. “Smile!” Then he took the picture. I was still I shock that he was taking a picture of me, well..with me. He started laughing. He started typing on his phone then my phone buzzed. I looked down, Twitter again.

@Real_Liam_Layne: Having fun #backstage with @Die_Anna

            Then my phone blew up again. @Harry_Styles is now following you!

@Harry_Styles: @Real_Liam_Payne @Die_Anna whoa, Anna Banana didn’t know you had a twitter.

@Louis_Tomlison is now following you!

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Die_Anna AAAAANNNAAA BANANAAAAAA <3<3<3 I see you. Oh and @NiallOfficial and @Real_Liam_Payne too. I pushed the link and tried not to laugh. It was a pic of Liam and I standing with Niall looking at Louis with a mouth full of food. I shook my head.

@NiallOfficial is now following you!

@NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson @Die_Anna @Real_Liam_Payne oi, didn’t know you were taking that pic!

@Louis_Tomlinson: @NiallOfficial @Die_Anna @Real_Liam_Payne yeah you did that’s why you walked behind them Nialler.

            Sighing I put my phone back in my pocket. I looked at Liam who was laughing at his phone. “Is it always like this?” I asked him.

            “Not always, only when they don’t want to do anything.” My phone buzzed again and again so I took out my phone and looked at it.

@Harry_Styles: @Die_Anna why are you ignoring me? I’m waving at you.

            I looked up and saw Harry waving at me with a big grin. I gave him a small wave and a small, awkward smile.

            “Anna! We’re going to our seats now, come on!” Katherine pestered me from the door. I sighed. We’ve only been backstage for maybe fifteen minutes and she wants to leave?

            “Actually, I’ll take her out there…Katherine right?” Liam asked. Katherine nodded. “Yeah, I’ll take her out there when we’re about to go on. I need to talk to her about her photography stuff anyway.” He assured her, Katherine glared at me and huffed before walking out of the room. Max shrugged.

            “See you out there Anna!” He smiled and walked after Katherine.

            “So, I’m taking that she is your best friend? The one you mentioned today.” Liam asked.


            “She seems… nice?” He didn’t want to say anything else and he was trying to be nice.

            “Yeah, she can be like this sometimes. Usually at concerts where we have backstage passes or some kind of pass where we meet the people. She does this too when she runs into famous people at places like Tom Hiddleston at the theater one while watching some Shakespearian play. She asked if she could get a picture with him and he said sure so she made me take a picture of them.” I told him.

            “She doesn’t… I mean, she didn’t seem like a good friend to you from what I saw Anna.” He told me seriously but I shrugged.

            “It’s Katherine. She’s the queen, and I am her servant girl. It’s how it’s always been since we were kids and it’s how it’ll always be.” I told him.

            “But that isn’t fair to you.”

            “Eh, I’m used to it. I’ve had about fifteen years of getting used to it. I mean, we have our fights like today, but we get over it after a while.”

            “What happened today?” he asked curiously.

            “I don’t want to burden you with my issues. You had more important ones earlier today. How are you holding up by the way? With the whole…you know break up thing?” I asked him.

            “Trying not to think about that.” He muttered.


            “No, it’s fine. Don’t worry, now don’t avoid the question. What happened?”

            “Well, she told me she and Max were going to America for a study abroad thing for nine months and they leave in two weeks, AND they’re selling our flat. Meaning I have two weeks to find a new place to live, find a new job because I got fired because I’m not exciting enough, and I’ll be alone on my birthday and Christmas.” I ranted then took a deep breath and sighed. “Sorry I ranted.”

            “No, no it’s alright. Why were you fired?” He asked.

            “Because I’m too boring…” I answered.

            “I don’t think you’re boring.”

            “Well you’re the first. Even Katherine thinks I’m boring.”

            “That’s awful.”

            “It’s okay.”

            “Say, I think I have a job for you.” He told me, I looked at him with confusion. “We’re doing a photoshoot for our upcoming promo for our music video of Midnight Memories and I could talk to some people and get you the job, I mean if you want it of course.” I blinked. Was…was he helping me? Why?

            “Uhm..yeah! Thank you. Thank you so much.”

            “No problem Anna.” 

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